"Hello, can you hear me?" 

While Adele has previously said the lyrics to her latest smash hit are "not about anything specific," Ellen DeGeneres begs to differ—and insists the song was inspired by a past conversation she had with the British songstress. 

"Adele and I are good friends. And a lot of people don't realize her new song is based on a conversation we had," the comedienne reveals on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. 

Cue the hilarious clip (seriously, we dare you not to laugh) in which DeGeneres answers Adele's call on an old school phone—giving the singer's flip phone a run for its money—and complains the Grammy winner's "talking so slowly." 

Ellen Degeneres, Adele


"It might be easier to hear you if you stop playing that piano," Ellen says as Adele flips open a notepad to reveal a photo of the 57-year-old star. 

"Seriously, speed it up. I'm kind of in a hurry just get to the point," the funnylady urges before she receives a call on the other line. 

And that's when Drake comes in, singing "Hotline Bling" as he croons to Ellen "you used to call me on my cell phone." 

Adele, Elle DeGeneres

The video seemingly ends when DeGeneres loses her connection with both Drake and Adele—but then, the comedienne receives one last phone call. 

Enter Lionel Richie singing his 1983 hit "Hello." 


Touché, DeGeneres. 

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