Adele, Hello

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The world went crazy when Adele released her first single and subsequent music video for "Hello" from her upcoming album 25. Some people sobbed as they watched the sepia-toned story play out in front of their screen. Others put the song on repeat for the first three hours of their morning. Some even did both! (Guilty).

But then there were those crazy ones who took to Twitter in blasphemy over one major question from the video: Is Adele really using a flip phone?

Yes. Yes, she is.

The singer attempts and fails (probably because the phone's a bit out of date) to get ahold of her former love while using a flip phone we're guessing she's held onto since 2006.

Of course the Twitter-verse went nuts over the nostalgic piece of technology.

Even some old photos of Adele managed to resurface.

But despite all the humor surrounding the outdated phone, Queen Adele still managed to make the flip phone cool again...Motorola may be seeing a spike in sales.

The combination of nostalgia in the video—between the flip phone, the sepia-toned filter (the go-to for all of our LiveJournal and MySpace pics) and the fact that her love interest in the video is played by The Wire's Michael Lee—is really summed up in one thought: anything Adele does is utter perfection—then, now and forever.

All hail, Queen Adele!

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