Looks like Donald Trump dropped the ball.

The presidential contender visited the set of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  Monday night, appearing far more chipper than expected as he faced one of his major contemporary critics.

"I also want to apologize to you, because I have said a few things about you over the years that are you know, uh, impolite company or perhaps unforgivable," Stephen Colbert said to the real estate mogul, offering perhaps one of the greatest understatements of the century.

"I hope you'll accept my apology and I just want to give you the opportunity: Is there anyone you would like to apologize to yourself?" the talk show host followed, alluding to Trump's series of jabs directed at fellow candidates like Carly Fiorina, Fox network correspondent Megyn Kelly, and even President Barack Obama.

Donald Trump, Stephen Colbert


After discussing the "beautiful, big, fat door" Trump plans to build at the border of this country if he wins the White House, Colbert transitioned into a topic that has been discussed for even longer than Trump's grandiose border plans—President Obama's highly-debated nationality.

"I am going to throw you a big fat meatball for you to hit out of the park right now. This is the last time you ever have to address this question if you hit the ball," Colbert promised, attempting to settle the score once and for all.

"Barack Obama: Born in the United States? Was he?" Dunnn, dunnnnn, dunnnnnnn.

The Republican front runner argued this topic years before any hint of a presidential run, often discussing ulterior thoughts on the president's religious affiliation, nationality and birthplace. The speculating provoked President Obama to publicly release his birth certificate to quell concerns in 2011. 

After a round of applause from the audience, Trump offered his final answer to the tumultuous question.

"I don't talk about it anymore. I talk about jobs, I talk about our veterans being horribly treated—I just don't discuss it anymore," he responded, mimicking the answer he gave on Sunday's episode of ABC's This Week. 

"I don't get into it...I talk about jobs, I'm talking about the military," Trump said during his phone interview with George Stephanopolous. "They ask that question and I just want to talk about the things because it's of no longer interest to me. We're beyond that and it's just something I don't talk about."

Maybe now we can talk about Trump's concrete political plans beyond that "beautiful, big, fat door."

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