Idris Elba has probably completely forgotten about those harsh and inappropriate words spoken by the James Bond author by now. After all, he's got kind of a busy life.

We, however, are not nearly as busy as Idris Elba and are still very much upset by the whole thing. You don't just insult one of our favorite Hollywood crushes and get away with it.

As a little refresher, let's just review what went down. Earlier this month, current 007 author Anthony Horowitz proclaimed that Elba could never play Mr. Bond because he was far "too street" for the famously dapper spy. Naturally the entertainment industry (and the Internet) quickly erupted in anger, forcing an apology from the now-infamous Horowitz (see aforementioned statement about what happens when you insult one of our favorite Hollywood crushes).

Not surprisingly, Idris himself responded in the most classiest of ways, and that was the end of the controversy. Or so we thought.

That's right, Idris Elba is back to exact his revenge on all of the James Bond naysayers of the world. Or fake revenge, technically. Vulture decided to use the most recent installment of its Remix series to turn the actor in the real 007 after all. They used clips of some of his most badass roles (like Luther, in particular) and bits of the upcoming Spectre to splice together a would-be Bond trailer for a movie that we would totally see if it weren't super fake.

And dare we say that Idris could even rival one Daniel Craig for his ability to be cunning, quick and all-around spy-like. It might be time to watch your back, Craig.

But until then, we'll just be reveling in this sweet, sweet imaginary revenge.

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