Khloé Kardashian Opens Up About Rob Kardashian and Being Seen as the "Fat" Sister in Uncut Complex Interview

Keeping Up With the Kardashians star explains how she turned her life around after her divorce

By Francesca Bacardi Jul 30, 2015 4:46 PMTags
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If you thought Khloé Kardashian was candid in the printed Complex article, think again.

The magazine has released an "uncut" version of the Keeping Up With the Kardashian star's interview and in it she talks even more honestly about herself, her body image and her out-of-the-spotlight brother, Rob Kardashian.

Her split from Lamar Odom definitely took its toll, forcing the E! star to reevaluate not only her living situation but also the way she handles her problems. Khloé opens up about the death of her father and how she used unhealthy food and drinking as a means to cope, but when it came time to deal with Lamar, she turned to exercise instead.

"With my divorce and even during the end of my marriage before it even got publicly bad, how I decided to cope with things was to go on the treadmill for an hour," she explains. "I don't know what prompted me to do that. It was a very different coping mechanism. I felt so clear and I had nowhere else to go."

She continues, "I couldn't be home, I have too many thoughts there. I needed a place where I was just alone. And even if there might be all these people around when you when you're on the machine with your headphones in, you're technically alone."

Now that she thinks she has her best body yet, she recalls when she was a little bit heavier, although she never thought she was overweight.

"When I was married or a few years ago, I never thought I was fat. I never thought I was huge," she admitted. "I was like, 'I still look good, I'm just made to have curves or be a little bigger.' I never looked at myself as the fat sister. Sometimes I would beat people to the punch and say, 'Oh I'm the fat, funny one,' because that's what people would say about me. But I never really thought that."

Although she describes herself as "so social" and "outgoing," Khloé admits the paparazzi has given her anxiety for the past two years. Thankfully, she and Rob fight them together, often hanging out at home instead of being bothered in public.

"When all your friends want to go to dinner, my brother and I are like, 'No' because we just get too much anxiety," she explains. "I don't mind having people over, but it's weird how much more withdrawn I've become than being social in public places, I guess."

But she and Rob seem to have an even closer relationship than some of her siblings have, even moving in with each other when the opportunity presents itself. After selling her marital home, the reality TV starlet moved into her brother's 3-bedroom townhouse. In such close quarters, however, the two began to quarrel a bit.

"It was fun at first, and then I think it was overwhelming for both of us. We were going from this huge house to his townhouse, so I can't just like put all my s--t everywhere, but he was so great about it," she admits. "Obviously he would get annoyed from time to time or when he wanted girls over. I totally get it."

Now, having purchased a new home, Rob has moved back in with Khloé! She says she "wouldn't have it any other way."