More on that Gone Girl Sequel: Author Gillian Flynn Already Has Some Ideas

The bestselling novelist dishes on what may happen in a followup

By Marc Malkin Jul 22, 2015 6:50 PMTags
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Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn has not only thought about writing a sequel to her bestselling thriller, but she even has some ideas where the story would pick up.

"I think we'd have to fast forward," Flynn told me last night at the premiere of Dark Places, the movie adaptation of her novel of the same name starring Charlize Theron. "I think we'd have to go hit the teen years with [the] child, the Baby Dunne, and see where they are."

At the end of Gone Girl, Amy Dunne reveals that she is pregnant.

"If [director David Fincher] signs back on and the cast is willing again, I would go totally back in that world," Flynn said. "It's not an easy world to go back into."

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Flynn told me earlier this week that she has entertained writing a followup. The novel was a New York Times bestseller. Rosamund Pike stars in the movie as Amy Dunne with Ben Affleck as her husband Nick Dunne. The thriller follows Amy faking her own disappearance and assumed death and framing Nick for her murder after she catches him cheating.

The cast also includes Neil Patrick Harris, Tyler Perry, Carrie Coon, Kim Dickens and Emily Ratajkowski.

"I don't know if I could go back to the Dunnes quite yet," Flynn said earlier this week. "I think about it every once and awhile. I do. I do. It's hard to shake sometimes."

OK, now we want to hear from you. Who should play the Dunnes' teenage daughter? Hailee Steinfeld? Bella Thorne? Maybe Abigail Breslin? How about Gigi Hadid? Leave your suggestions below.

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