Gone Girl Sequel Could Be Happening

Find out what author and screenwriter Gillian Flynn has to say about a followup to last year's hit thriller

By Marc Malkin Jul 21, 2015 4:13 PMTags
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Here's hoping we get to see more of crazy ass Amy Dunne in a Gone Girl sequel.

Gillian Flynn, the author of the best selling novel and screenwriter of its movie adaptation, tells me she has thought about writing a followup.

"I don't know if I could go back to the Dunnes quite yet," Flynn told me while promoting Dark Places, the big screen adaptation of her novel of the same name with the film's star Charlize Theron.

"I think about it every once and awhile," Flynn said. "I do. I do. It's hard to shake sometimes."

20th Century Fox

Even Theron pushed for Flynn to do it. "I'll get her drunk tonight and make her sign a contract," the Oscar winner said.

Gone Girl, released in June 2012, was No. 1 on the New York Times Hardcover Fiction Bestseller list for eight weeks.

David Fincher directed the 20th Century Fox film, which starred Rosamund Pike as Amy and Ben Affleck as her cheating husband Nick.

Pike, who earned an Academy Award nomination for her work as wells as a Golden Globe nom, has said that she'd come back for a sequel but only if Flynn wrote the screenplay.

Pike told me in January, "Maybe, 10 years down the road. I'd think I'd want…to see what happens when the child is about 10."

I have a feeling we're not going to have to wait that long.

Dark Places is available now on DirecTV and will be in theaters Aug. 7.

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