Colin Farrell says the Catholic Church had it all wrong when same-sex marriage recently became legal in Ireland.

"It was really funny because one of the arguments when the vote went through was that the church came out and said, 'You know, this was a dark day for Ireland,' and all you could see was literally rainbows everywhere, posters of rainbows, T-shirts of rainbows, men and women hugging, men and men hugging, women and women hugging, and yet cut to, 'This is a dark day in the history of [Ireland],'" the True Detective star told E! News exclusively at the Maui Film Festival, where he was honored with this year's Navigator Award. "A dark day in the history of a country is internal civil conflict and war and bloodshed...It was a great day."

Farrell star has been an outspoken supporter of LGBT rights, especially so after his gay brother Eamon had to leave the country to legally marry his husband Steven.

Colin Farrell

Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Maui Film Festival

"He campaigned very and he himself out there," Farrell said of his sibling's gay rights activism. "I mean, I was a bit concerned about him, he put himself on the line greatly for a cause that he believes in and a message that he wanted to see brought to the point of being a constitutional change and I'm sure he will be married [in Ireland] within the next year. He got married in Vancouver seven or eights years ago to his husband, but I think it's time he'll enjoy a home grown celebration."

Ireland became the first country to legalize same-sex marriage by a popular vote on May 22 when a majority of more than three millions voters said yes to marriage equality.

"Today Ireland has opened up her heart in a way that the whole world will feel," Farrell told E! News shortly after the vote results were announced. "How we have changed our fortune in 24 hours, how we have lit the way, how we have guaranteed a brighter and more loving future for all who call this beautiful land home. Bravo citizens of Ireland."

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