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The 2015-15 TV season is over, which means...We can all just stop for a minute and have a good, hard ugly cry. What will we do without our shooowwwwsss for so looooonnnnnggg????! Step outside and get some sunlight and see friends we've ignored for months? As. If. 

We here at E! Online TV Scoop have our priorities in order, so here's the latest roundup of TV scoop, on both MIA and summer series, to keep you inside and working on that hard-earned vitamin D deficiency....As any good TV fan should! 

(Really though...Kidding aside. Fresh air is good. And you can read this post on mobile.)

Lauren D.: I'm so excited that Pretty Little Liars is finally back! Give me some scoop on the premiere!
We asked Sasha Pieterse to predict what will be trending during tonight's big premiere, and while one answer was expected, #Charles, the other has us counting down the minutes. "It will definitely be one huge secret," she says. "There's one huge, like weird thing that happens that no one is expecting at the end of the episode and it will freak you out. " #AHHH!

Monica: I'm going to need some #TVD scoop to get me through this long summer.
You and me both! Thanks to this little tidbit of scoop from executive producer Caroline Dries, we know that we can expect Stefan's "hero hair" to grow at least three sizes next season (figuratively, not literally, because his hair height is perfect as is). "I'm really excited to see Stefan come into his own and he'll really take to the role of a hero, which will be really cool," Dries says. "He's always been a hero but I think in a broader sense he'll become more heroic next season." We like the sound of that!

Emily: Outlander, please!
Anyone else suffering from the devastating effects of Droughtlander part deux? The struggle is real already right?! For now make sure you didn't miss the season two casting news we just broke. And also what Ron Moore spilled on season two. By the way, I didn't know so many of you haaaated the idea of more Frank in season two than we had in the book! Do tell. Why?


Cate Cameron/The CW

Mike N.: Give up all the Arrow scoop you've got!
The new season's secrets are being kept so secretive that even Stephen Amell insists he has no idea what's ahead. "I know that we tend to follow a pretty typical timeline, so we'll be months later," he predicts. But aside from that, "I don't know anything. I just know that at the beginning of the season, like with all seasons, I will be running."  Better get on that treadmill now, sir!

StilesBadJuJu: Anything at all you can tease about the Teen Wolf premiere?
How about five small teases? Expect to see a truly epic kiss, a familiar face to make a surprising return, a new werewolf, one of the series regulars in MAJOR peril, and sweet references to two former series regulars, one whose character is dead and one who's still alive, just not currently in Beacon Hills. (Tissues may be needed.)

Law & Order: SVU


Jamie: Anything on SVU? I know they're in production on season 17 already.
The detectives are back (save for Danny Pino as Nick Amaro) to protect the streets of New York City—and beyond—for another year. You can expect another crossover. Plus, some quality Rollins coming up! "Rollins, I think it's so cool to really see her get enveloped by a case and maybe a subject. I think maybe you'll see her become a little obsessed with that," Kelli Giddish tells us. "The beginning of next season is so great. We're in the midst of production of season 17 now, we're dealing with transgender already, you know. They're on top of things as always."

Beth: Jane the Virgin became my new obsession this season, so I'll take any info you've got on season two!
 While the writers have yet to tell the cast a whole lot about season two, Andrea Navedo was willing to share two things she's picked up so far. "I got a little hint about Rogelio's ex-wife coming back on the scene and she's a little quirky, from what I understand," she spills. "And there's a reason why Mateo was kidnapped." 

Andrew Rannells, Girls


Lara: Girls, Girls, Girls. Please and thank you! 
Someone's getting a major new love interest! "I can tell you that Elijah gets to have a attempt to a real relationship which is very exciting," Andrew Rannells told us at the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic. "Romance is the big thing for him, but the huge, mature stuff for him this season is actually trying to have a relationship." 

Gabi: Anything on my precious Suits?
Expect some introspection! "There's a lot going on this season. Donna is not really working for Harvey anymore, she's working for this guy, Louis," Gabriel Macht teases. "Harvey's having a hard time with the element of abandonment, he's in therapy, he's trying to get in touch with his emotions more so now than ever." And as for Louis, "You would think he's happy now that he has Donna at his desk, but being Louis, if you know him at all, you know there's always something—he gets in his own way," Rick Hoffman tells us. Get ready, there may be tragedy on the horizon…

Jennie: Jammers need love too. Any Playing House scoop? Season 2 is sooooo soon.
Get ready to go back to the past with some flashbacks! We'll see young Emma, young Maggie and little Zach in a flashback. There will be dancing. And Bosephus is coming back, but you knew that! Get the crawfish ready.

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—Additional reporting by Tierney Bricker, Chris Harnick and Sydney Bucksbaum 

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