Bobbi Kristina Brown Health Update: "She's Not Progressing at All," Grandmother Cissy Houston Says

The 22-year-old was found face down in a filled bathtub in her Georgia home on Jan. 31 and has been hospitalized and unconscious ever since.

By Corinne Heller May 10, 2015 8:41 PMTags
Bobbi Kristina BrownKevin Mazur/WireImage via ABC

Cissy Houston, Bobbi Kristina Brown's grandmother, has offered a bleak outlook about the health of the 22-year-old, who has been fighting for her life in a medical center since she was found unconscious at her home more than three months ago.

The 22-year-old daughter of Bobby Brown and the late Whitney Houston was discovered face down in a filled bathtub in her Georgia home on Jan. 31. She was taken to a hospital placed in a medically induced coma. In March, she was transferred from the hospital to a rehabilitation facility, two weeks after her birthday.

"She's the same, she's not progressing at all," Cissy, 81, told Entertainment Tonight on Saturday. "She's not gone yet, but you know, whatever the Lord decides, I'm ready for her...I have nothing to do with that. That's His job. It's His territory, you know? And I understand it."

"We go to the hospital every day and pray," she added. "And, you know, I talk to [Bobbi Kristina] because she can still hear, and I rub her hand and whatnot."

She had said in a statement last month that doctors said Bobbi Kristina was no longer in a coma but has "global and irreversible brain damage" and remains unresponsive.

Also last month, a video surfaced of Bobby telling a crowd at one of his concerts that his daughter "was awake," spurring excitement across social media. His wife, Alicia Etheredge-Brown, later said he husband was "in an emotional" state when he made his public remarks.

"She has made it out of ICU, opened her eyes, and started a rehabilitation that will be long and hard," she added.

Bobby's lawyer had said at the time that while "there has been improvement" in Bobbi Kristina's condition, she is "presently embarking on a rehabilitation process and the quality of her life will not be known for years to come."

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Cissy's latest comments come soon after Bobby and Whitney's sister-in-law, Pat Houston, were named co-guardians of Bobbi Kristina's estate, which will allow them to bear joint responsibility in decisions related to her medical care.

Whitney at age 48 died of accidental drowning, spurred by a drug overdose and heart condition, in a Beverly Hills hotel room in 2012, the night before the Grammys. She left her reported $20 million estate to Bobbi Kristina, her only daughter. If she dies, Whitney's will dictates that the estate would go to Cissy, Pat and her husband and the singer's brother Gary Houston.

"It came alright, It was fine," Cissy told Entertainment Tonight, regarding the decision. "We're a family…that works together for the best."