Cissy Houston Addresses Bobbi Kristina Brown's Condition: ''There's Not a Great Deal of Hope''

"If he works a miracle, thank God. If it happens the other way, I'm all right," she tells New York's WBLS

By Bruna Nessif Mar 26, 2015 1:37 AMTags

Many members of the Houston-Brown family have spoken out about Bobbi Kristina's struggling health over the past few months, except for her grandmother Cissy Houston—until now, that is.

Whitney Houston's mother broke her silence on her granddaughter's condition during an exclusive radio interview with New York's WBLS today, and unfortunately, her update didn't offer the successful turnaround that many may be wishing to hear.

"There's not a great deal of hope," the 81-year-old, who confirmed that Bobbi was recently relocated from her Atlanta hospital to a rehabilitation center, revealed of the 22-year-old's recovery.

Kevin Mazur/WireImage via ABC

Regardless, Houston continues to encourage everyone to pray for Bobbi. "I don't pray like that. I give it to God one time, because I know he's able, and I cannot change a thing," Houston explained.

"So I'm asking everyone to pray to the Lord, who we know can do something about it." She adds, "If he works a miracle, thank God. If it happens the other way, I'm all right."

E! News reported last week that Bobbi Kristina was moved from Emory University Hospital in Georgia, where she has been getting treatment for almost two months now, to a nearby Atlanta rehabilitation center.

The details regarding the move, including when it took place and the exact name of the facility, have not been disclosed; however, Cissy Houston reiterated during her radio interview that Brown's condition remains the same.