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Oof. Anyone else feeling like TV is particularly EMOTIONAL these days? Between the Grey's death (still not over it), what I've seen on Outlander, and The Good Wife's latest exit, let's just say crying over television is becoming a full-time job. Join me in this scoopfest/therapy session, won't you? Here's our latest roundup of TV scoop, with the answers to your burning questions...

RimzyA: Was this Archie Panjabi's last episode of The Good Wife or will we see more? In a ball pit of feels.
We are right there with you. All the feels. But maybe this will help: You haven't seen the last of Kalinda on The Good Wife. That's all we can say. OK, and that she and Alicia will actually be in the same room at the same time, breathing the same air, before Panjabi leaves.

Hannah: What's coming up for Snow and Charming on #OUAT?
Don't shoot the messenger, but it sounds like they are headed to trouble! Also you really shouldn't shoot the messenger because the messenger is Josh Dallas, who just stopped by our E! News set. He told me this about what's ahead: "There's big stuff going down, things that are going to shock the fans, things that a lot of the characters, particularly Snow and Charming, something that they don't want to happen." Dallas also spilled on the quest to return Lily to her mother, Maleficent, and it sounds like that's not going to go well either. "Lily's not going to be too happy with Snow and Charming," he added. That's understandable given what they did, but still...not happy news!

Grey's Anatomy, Patrick Dempsey

ABC/Kelsey McNeal

Francine: How will Grey's Anatomy move past this Derek thing? I'm just...still so upset.
We are right there with you. In all seriousness, Derek's death is my own personal "Lost finale" as far as the level of outrage. I personally LOVED the Lost finale, but I have started to understand how someone can feel so upset by a show. (I never felt that with Lost, but I do take back my questioning of those of you who felt that way.) It's "just TV," I know, I get it. But this particular storyline decision just feels hurtful and unnecessarily cruel to the loyal fans. Why can't Derek have just kept his far-away job and come back for a series finale cameo...for the fans? ANYWAY, sorry, as for what's ahead on Grey's, we know that this week is the funeral episode, and none of the notable former cast members who have moved on (Sandra Oh) are expected to return, from what I've heard. Then, in the following weeks, ABC is now teasing that there will be an "unfathomable" and "catastrophic" "crisis" that will rock the hospital and the doct....I literally cannot even finish typing this sentence. Sorry. More levity/sanity next week. Swear.

Lauren D.: I'll take anything you've got on Pretty Little Liars! I'm literally counting down the days until season six!
Grab a nightlight ‘cause PLL is getting even darker. "We are going to be punished for our actions for trying to escape from Charles and once we do escape, there are going to be some serious repercussions and scares, emotional as well as physical," Janel Parrish previews of what's in store in season six. "It's going to get dark." And except to see all of the Liars handle their dollhouse-related-PTSD in different ways. "They're all going to be messed up in different ways," Parrish teases. In other news, we'll be meeting two new characters next season: Lorraine Stone aka Lesli's formidable mother, and Zoe, a pretty new friend of Emily's. And no, the show is not recasting Emily's other friend Zoe, played by Rumer Willis, as we've learned it's a different character. You can never have enough Zoes, right?!

Julia83: The Flash scoop, please?
Are you annoyed that all the epic reveals and twists in the big time travel episode were erased and reset? Then tonight's episode of the CW's newest (and arguably the best) superhero show is for you. The truth. Comes out. About everything. In fact, more truths than any of us ever knew are about to come out.  Buckle up and bring a paper bag to breathe into!



Renee: Outlander scoop, please!
Honestly? Saw a bit more of what's to come down the road, and I can't say a word about it. Mostly because I can't even breathe when I start thinking about it. You book fans know what I'm talking about. In the meantime, I can tell you in the next episode,  airing this Saturday, Jenny goes into labor, some dangerous men arrive, and the episode does not end on the happiest note. Basically: Get ready and start preparing for the worst. Is there a word than means even worse than the worst? Yes, there is. Spoiler Alert: That word is JACK RANDALL.

Carson: Got any details on the new season of my obsession The Affair?
Shocker: The show is currently looking to hire an arrogant, high-profile lawyer. But he's actually been Bruce Butler's family lawyer for a long time. Hm…could it be for Noah, or will another member of the Butler fam find themselves in need of a legal representation?

Ilana: I'll take anything you've got on Switched at Birth, please and thank you!
We hear that the ABC Family show is about to tackle pregnancy in a way that's going to have fans talking. You thought the rape storyline was powerful? You haven't seen anything yet. 

Zooey Deschanel, Jake Johnson, Lamorne Morris, Hannah Simone and Damon Wayans, Jr, New Girl

Ray Mickshaw/FOX

Emily: So happy New Girl is finally back! What can I expect from tonight's episode?
So much is going down before the finale, including two break-ups, one make-up,  more than one confession of love, a really great Nick and Jess moment and Damon Wayans Jr.'s exit strategy is finally revealed. 

Matt: Please tell me you got something on #AgentsofSHIELD.
If you thought seeing the team work with Ward last week was weird, just you wait until tonight's episode. Ward tries to give a heartfelt, rallying speech to the old team right before an op, trying to win them back over with nostalgia...and he gets totally shut down. By everyone. It's hilarious and oh-so-worth the wait! 

Felicia: I need Chasing Life spoilers!
It's a good thing April has a lot of wedding planning to look forward to (we are so Team Lapril!), because she's going to need all the happy times she can get in the light of some terrible, awful news she gets almost immediately in the season two premiere. We can't reveal what that is, but we can say that it's going to change the entire show moving forward in a way that is going to affect everyone. 

Nicole: We're getting Connie Britton (hey y'all) as Faye Resnick, but why hasn't Ryan Murphy announced who's playing Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman in American Crime Story?
Hey y'all! He hasn't announced who's playing them because they're not going to have very big roles in American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson. Look for them to be seen in photos.

Sophia: I'll take whatever spoilers you have on Arrow!
Here's some not-so-great news: the Arrow cave is dunzo. "[Team Arrow is] going to end up hanging out a great deal at Palmer Technologies," executive producer Marc Guggenheim says. "We had to expand Ray's workshop to allow for scenes with now suddenly a whole large group of people rather than just Ray and Felicity. So we did a little bit of set redesign and set redecoration. That basically is the lair for the remainder of the season. That said, you haven't seen the last of the lair yet. It makes one final appearance in [episode] 21."

David: I wouldn't mind some scoop on Masters of Sex, which I think is one of the most underrated shows on TV!
Get ready to see an icon on the show as they are currently casting the role of a young Hugh Hefner! We'll be seeing the Playboy mogul at age 40 and he'll be the coolest, hippest and smartest guy in the room. Oh, and he could be sticking around for a while, too!

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—Additional reporting by Tierney Bricker, Chris Harnick and Sydney Bucksbaum 

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