Break out your formal black attire because Empire might just turn into a mass funeral in tonight's finale.

Seriously, we're freaking out over the scoop co-creators Lee Daniels and Danny Strong bestowed upon us about the Fox hit's epic two-hour finale...even if we're 95 percent sure Strong was joking when he told E! News' Jesse Giddings, "Everyone dies! It's going to be like a Hamlet ending. Whole new cast season's going to be the kids from Glee. Glee-Empire crossover!"

Who knows, maybe this is secretly American Horror Story: Empire and will be an anthology series? Feel free to freak out at any time. 

Empire, Who Will Take The Crown


As for Daniels, he was able to leave us with our jaws on the floor, with just two words when he predicted what will be trending on Twitter during the finale: "Pubic hair."

Yes, you read that right: "Pubic hair." This. Freakin'. Show!

Also getting in on the epic finale tease action was executive producer Brian Grazer, who spilled, "The physicality of a character will have to change to continue for the following year and it's pretty shocking as to what really happens in that final moment."

Speaking of the following year, fans can expect to see the show crank up the guest star power even more, with Daniels saying, "Next season we're going to surprise you even more with some of the guest stars. It's great because now we want to know that people want to watch us and that's a great place to be. My friends now feel great coming on the show, so it's really exciting."

For more scoop on Empire's sure-to-be epic finale, watch our interviews with the cast and creative team above now!

Empire's two-hour season finale airs tonight at 8 p.m. on Fox. 

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