8 Things We Want to See Happen in the Zoolander Sequel

Blue Steel!

By Seija Rankin Mar 10, 2015 7:31 PMTags
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It was the walk heard round the world: Zoolander 2 is coming. 

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, a.k.a. Derek Zoolander and Hansel, surprised audiences at the Valentino fashion show to hit the runway and announce the long-awaited sequel. They also made all our dreams come true by Blue Steel-ing with none other than Anna Wintour

Details are still rolling in about the second installment of the comedy, but we do know that Stiller will return as director, Jennifer Aniston's beau Justin Theroux wrote the screenplay, and both Penelope Cruz and Karlie Kloss have reportedly signed on to costar. The flick isn't set for release until 2016, so for the time being Zoolander fans will have to settle for using their imaginations when it comes to hints about the plot.

Luckily, we happen to have extremely vivid imaginations. Ahead are eight things we'd be delighted to see in the sure-to-be-hilarious sequel.

1. An Anna Wintour Cameo: She could offer the models critiques on their outfits, give Derek career advice, or even just stand there in sunglasses and look cool. In fact, we'd pay full price to just see 90 minutes of that last one.

2. Karlie Kloss and Derek start a new charity together: Karlie and Derek's Center for Kids Who Kind of Still Want to Read Better and Maybe Learn to Bake Karlie's Kookies Too certainly has a ring to it.

3. They do even more drugs:

4. Taylor Swift follows Karlie to set and ends up in the movie: Obviously, she'll be dancing.

5. Blue Steel is now totally over: Derek must invent a new signature look that has nothing to do with duck lips.

6. In search of a new beauty routine, Derek and Hansel try Gwyneth Paltrow's vagina steam: Don't think about it too much.

7. Derek and Hansel must learn how to use the Apple Watch: Since they've so clearly mastered computers.

8. Derek finds out there actually isn't anything more to life than being really, really ridiculously good looking: And...end scene.