Mumford and Sons, Glastonbury

Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Let it be known: Do not mess with the music of Mumford & Sons fans! 

Yesterday, the folksy band dropped its newest single, "Believe," and it's, well, different. For starters, the banjo is dead and gone. The group traded in their beloved instrument for modern day technology like synthesizers and electricity. They're still dressing like they play the banjo, of course, presumably because it's a lot harder to clear your wardrobe of button-up vests and suspenders than it is to learn to play the electric guitar. 

But back to the music. They've taken their sound in a whole new direction, citing bands like Led Zeppelin and Radiohead as influence for the upcoming album. It's a strange switch, indeed, and one that's apparently hard to swallow. Fan reaction has been varied, to say the least, with most listeners feeling confused more than anything. Is that Imagine Dragons? Was Marcus Mumford held prisoner by Chris Martin? Is the sky even blue anymore? These are just a few of the questions that the people need answers to.

These change-averse Mumford-heads have taken to Twitter to voice their hurt and confusion, and they're not going to take this bait-and-switch lying down. It's not that they hate "Believe," it's just that it feels like their whole lives have been a lie. In the wise words of @mightbefolk, "I mean it's good but it's not Mumford :)"

We hear you girl, and it's time to know you're not alone in your pain. 

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