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Just when the season finale of How to Get Away With Murder starts to sink in, Shonda Rhimes saves the day with the announcement of a new show.

In what can only be perceived as further proof that Shondaland is taking over all of television the entire world, ABC confirmed that they'll be bringing drama The Catch to the small screen. The show is based on the novel by author Kate Atkinson, and will be helmed by the team behind Scandal, Grey's Anatomoy and How to Get Away With Murder

According to VarietyThe Catch follows Alice Martin, a professional fraud investigator, as she is about to get married. But since this is Shondaland, there's a twist. Not only is her husband-to-be pulling a long con, but Martin herself has a sketchier past than she lets on to. And, as they begin to catch on to each other's lies, the couple "plunges into a dangerous game of cat and mouse." Yes, yes and yes. 

It's pretty clear that this show has the makings to be Rhimes' next big hit, but we've got particularly high hopes for the drama. Ahead, why we're excited for The Catch

1. Mireille Enos Was Just Cast as the Lead: Most audiences will recognize Enos from her role opposite Brad Pitt in World War Z, but crime-show devotees have a special place in their hearts for her portrayal of Detective Sarah Linden in The Killing. The show went through its fair share of turmoil, enduring several cancellations and revivals, only to wrap up in a short six-episode season on Netflix. Enos was one of the drama's biggest highlights, and she undoubtedly does brooding, damaged and cryptic better than almost anyone. She's a fantastic choice to join the ranks of other Shondaland heroines (slash sometimes anti-heroines) like Kerry Washington, Viola Davis, and Ellen Pompeo

2. The Plot Is Basically Gone Girl, Shonda-Style: OK, so there's no kidnapping on The Catch (that we know of, anyway). But the heroine, Alice Martin, is leading a straight-up double life. She's managed to keep her soon-to-be-husband in the dark about her sketchy past (slash present) so far, but according to the plot hints that have been released, the future Mr. is about to get a major dose of reality, à la Nick Dunne.

3. The Show's Success Would Mean Another Strong Female Lead in Prime Time: It seems like networks are finally getting the hint that programs don't have to be male-dominated to perform. In fact, Rhimes' entire empire proves otherwise. Her heroines are always multi-faceted and conflicted, but they're also always extremely powerful and a blast to watch onscreen.

4. The FBI's Getting Involved: It's not a real crime drama until there's a police investigation, and according to Variety, the show has cast Jacky Ido to play a federal agent who starts sniffing around in lead Alice Martin's business. Not only does that make for some good suspense, but it gives us a chance to relive a teeny-tiny bit of The Killing.

5. It Will Shoot in Austin, Texas: And we all know what Austin produces: The best television show in the history of television (Friday Night Lights). Maybe, just maybe, the cast will stop by The Freeze.  

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