Will six episodes be enough to repair one of TV's most complicated relationships?

The Killing's resurrection is just days away, with all six episodes of the fourth and final season available to Netflix users on Friday, and we're seriously concerned over Holder and Linden's fractured partnership. 

The seriously intense trailer hinted at the divide between the partners, and now we've got exclusive intel from stars Joel Kinnaman and Mireille Enos and executive producer Veena Sud on the new season and the "complicated" relationship between Linden and Holder after the shocking events of the season-three finale...

"There's this break of trust between them. They have to fight to keep their friendship," Kinnaman previews. "And at the same time they are solving this horrific crime." 

Which is how guest star Joan Allen comes into the picture as a major obstacle standing in the way of their new investigation as Colonel Margaret Rayne, the headmaster of the all-boys military school at the center of the case. "Every character has a secret in the series," Allen teases, adding you can expect to see "tension and conflict" between Rayne and Linden. 

For more scoop on the final season and Holder and Linden's "interesting" new dynamic, watch our exclusive sneak peek above.

The final six episode season of The Killing will be available on Aug. 1 on Netflix.

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