Selena Gomez Gets Asked to Prom by High School Student and Vine Star Cole LaBrant—Watch His Adorable Video!

"I would try to make sure you had a really good time too," he says in the clip

By Corinne Heller Jan 29, 2015 6:50 PMTags
Cole LaBrant, Selena Gomez YouTube/Getty Images

For this high school student, when it comes to choosing a prom date, the heart wants what it wants.

Last summer, teen Vine star Cole LaBrant posted a tweet to Selena Gomez, asking her to go to prom with him. After receiving no response, he has taken his mission to the next level. And the results are quite impressive...and adorable!

The Alabama high school student, who is a member of the Dem White Boyz trio, recently posted a YouTube video of his "prom-posal," which shows him extending a formal prom invitation to Gomez and lip-syncing to several of her songs (and another singer's—oopsie) while dancing with his bros in a gym, in a cotton field and on (yikes...) train tracks.

"There's only one reason why you should go to prom with me," he says, holding a white rose. "My name's Cole LaBrant. I live in Enterprise, Alabama and not much exciting stuff goes on here. But if you were to go to prom with me, it would be something that I would never forget and I would try to make sure that you had a really good time too, so, Selena Gomez, will you go to prom with me?"

Gomez, 22, who has recently been spotted spending time with EDM artist Zedd, 25, has not responded.

Watch Cole's video below.

In late August, Cole nonchalantly asked Gomez on prom, via a tweet.

Cole had said in December that he is "absolutely in love" with Gomez and "her heart for the Lord."

On Jan. 14, he tweeted that he is "plotting" his prom proposal for her.

On Jan. 20, Cole posted a teaser photo of himself on a beach.

On Jan. 21, he shared a behind-the-scenes teaser video on Instagram:

On Jan. 24, he posted his YouTube video, as well as Vine teaser. His high school's prom usually takes place in April.

Here's are five reasons why Gomez may want to consider Cole's proposal:

1. He's got some killer dance moves:


2. He's got a good sense of humor...

Feel like a vampire

A photo posted by Cole LaBrant (@thesupercole) on

3. He's a Disney fan...Gomez is a former Disney Channel star...

Felt a little Kristoffy tonight

A photo posted by Cole LaBrant (@thesupercole) on

4. He cleans up he is at a previous prom:

5. THIS.