Quiz: Which Celeb Would Be Your Perfect Prom Date?

Would you rather go with a bad boy like Harry Styles or a lovable nerd like Andrew Garfield?

By Jenna Mullins Apr 21, 2014 7:56 PMTags
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It's prom season! How do we know? Because Instagram is just full of those crazy "promposals" that high school kids do nowadays. You know how we were asked to prom? In person at our locker. Whatever happened to simplicity? But we digress…

Even if you already have your date locked down, we thought that we should imagine a world where super famous and super beautiful celebrities went to prom with normal folk. And in that world, you'd better know which celeb would be your perfect prom date. You know, just in case.

So which Hollywood A-lister is the one you should be prom-posing to? Well, that depens on a lot of things. Like...

Are you more concerned with how you look and how jealous people are of your date? You might do well with Zac Efron. Do you just want to dance all night long? Beyoncé is probably the one for you. Are you already over prom and you're more anxious for what happens after the dance? You definitely need Rihanna as your plus one. Take our celeb prom quiz below and find out which star would be the perfect choice to be on your arm all night long:

Don't forget to share your results so your friends can be jealous when you get someone like Harry Styles or Jennifer Lawrence as your celeb prom date!