Anna Kendrick Shares Her Rules to the Perfect Twitter Account: Less Drunk Tweeting, More Honesty

Into the Woods star also explains how old high school friends enter her life

By Mike Vulpo Nov 24, 2014 9:26 PMTags
Watch: Anna Kendrick's Top Tweeting Tips

If there's one celebrity Twitter account we'd recommend to follow, it would have to be Anna Kendrick.

Whether tweeting about her breakfast filled with vanilla cupcakes or making fun of Fifty Shades of Grey, the actress isn't afraid to speak her mind.

While the superstar tweeter was promoting her newest movie Into the Woods, we couldn't help but ask the Hollywood star for some tips to tweeting. Rule number one: Don't drunk tweet!

"I drunk draft and double check them in the morning," she told E! News. "Although I have done a handful of drunk tweets and so far people have not been able to tell the difference although I'm not quite sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing that my sober tweets could be drunk tweets."

Courtesy of Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Walt Disney Studios

Another discovery she's learned while gaining close to three million followers is the fact that having a little edge to your tweets isn't such a bad thing.

"It's funny because I feel like when I try to say something really innocuous, those are the ones where people are like, ‘What do you mean by that?'" Kendrick explained. "Sometimes, I just say something kind of gross, kind of honest, maybe a little too brutal. Those are the ones people respond to more."

She added, "It's when you try to say something that's a little too squeaky clean that people are like, ‘What's that? What are you doing? What's going on?'"

Away from social media, the 29-year-old is gearing up for another big screen hit with Disney's latest family movie out Dec. 25.

The only trouble to another great gig is the amount of high school acquaintances that decide to reach out after years of silence.

"Every now and then, I'll get a blast from the past," she shared. "I don't think we were close but sure, next time you're in L.A. I guess [we can hang]."

Keeping it real, Anna! That's why we love ya.