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A magic carpet can show you a whole new world, or, you can use it to show the world your butt.

Princess Jasmine* chose the latter, draping the fictitious flying rug over her rump while revealing most of her backside à la Kim Kardashian's Paper cover.

But while Kanye West totally approved of his lady's scandalous spread, it's unclear whether Aladdin weighed in on Jasmine's. The provocatively undressed princess actually isn't Disney's doing whatsoever—she's the work of DeviantArt's Eddie Holly.

Ursula, Kim Kardashian, Paper Magazine

Olga Andriyenko / portfolio.asurocks.de / facebook.com/OlgaAndriyenkoART/

Jasmine's homage to Kim is quite lovely, as you can see. Another artist, Olga "AsuRocks" Andriyenko, created a similar meme, only she used Ursula from The Little Mermaid!

Kim's professed her love for mermaids before, though she's yet to voice her love for any half-octopus creatures of the sea just yet. She's definitely a fan of Princess Jasmine, though, and even dressed up as the Disney princess for Halloween in 2009.

Halloween, Kim Kardashian


A diamond in the rough, indeed!

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