Jennifer Garner on Hubby Ben Affleck's Batman Transformation: "It Feels Like I'm Having an Affair"

"You know, he has put on 30 pounds of muscle and he's 8 percent body fat," the actress tells Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan

By Bruna Nessif Oct 03, 2014 12:16 AMTags
Jennifer Garner, Kelly and MichaelABC

It's safe to say Ben Affleck's Batman bod is not going unnoticed—or unappreciated.

The actor's wife and fellow thesp Jennifer Garner stopped to chat with Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan on their morning talk show Live With Kelly & Michael, and the trio went straight to the hot (pun intended) topic at hand—Ben's muscles. Ripa asked the question we're all dying to know the answer to, "Does he look just as ripped underneath the costume?"

"You know, he has put on 30 pounds of muscle and he's 8 percent body fat," Garner began to answer. "He looks pretty good. It's a little bit like, 'Whoa, who are you?' It feels like I'm having an affair. But I don't mind, I'm not complaining." LOL!

It was announced last year that the Oscar winner had signed on to play the Caped Crusader in the Man of Steel sequel Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice alongside Henry Cavill, and it seemed like Affleck hit the gym almost immediately. The star's leaner and buffer bod began making frequent appearances while the actor took on his daddy duties.

However, Ben had to slow down a bit because he was also shooting Gone Girl at the time. "I'm trying to keep him at the size he's at right now until he's done with us," Gone Girl costume designer Trish Summerville told E! News at the Catching Fire premiere in L.A. "I'm sure he's working out but I think for him, he's probably a guy that builds up really quickly so I just kind of asked him if he can stay where he's at right now."

"He's a really big guy, like he's quite tall," Summerville said. "You don't realize how big he is. He kind of reads smaller on film than he does in real life."

Well, we can't wait to see that big, buff bod on the big screen!