iPhone 6, Apple iPhone


What do you do immediately after getting the iPhone 6, one of the most anticipated gadgets of the year? Besides drop it on the ground, of course? You send that tweet, son!

Today Apple's new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were unleashed unto the masses, and the world rejoiced. The world celebrated. They world thanked the ghost of Steve Jobs because they finally were able to hold the new iPhone in their hands after waiting in line overnight, which is a situation we just don't understand. Is it really worth it? We'd rather wait a couple more days or weeks than sleep on the cold ground for a night, but that's us. We like warm, soft beds and a roof over our heads. We're crazy like that.

But mostly, the world tweeted:

That's what she said. We think.

Answer him, Kid Cudi!

That seems like a questionable strategy for getting away with this crime. Hope your location services aren't turned on yet.

Yeah, the starving children around the world feel real sorry for you and the pain you went through to get an electronic device.

Are you calling the iPhone 6 Plus fat? Because it has feelings, you know. And you basically called the iPad Mini obese, so hope you feel good about that.

Owning a mobile phone does not make you a nerd. Owning a replica of Link's Hylian shield and Master Sword, however…

Your iPhone 6 told us to tell you it just wants to be friends and doesn't think of you like that.

No one in Australia can hear you as they are all still screaming from the very first iPhone 6 sold being dropped on the ground.

This is a real kick in the balls for everyone who waited/is still waiting in line for an iPhone 6.

Were you also using a fake phone carved out of a giant cracker before, too?!

Ducking autocorrect.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 6 Plus might be too big for our tastes:

For those who already have the iPhone 6, what do you think? Does it live up to the hype or should we all just wait another year for them to come out with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Extreme?

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