Dylan Penn Talks Robert Pattinson, Justin Timberlake and Her Naked Photo Spread

Robin Wright and Sean Penn's daughter opens up to Italian Vanity Fair

By Marc Malkin Sep 18, 2014 10:21 PMTags
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Don't look for Dylan Penn to get naked again for the cameras anytime soon.

Robin Wright and Sean Penn's model-actress daughter admits her parents weren't exactly thrilled with her racy photo spread in Treats magazine in April.

"They were a bit surprised because I didn't warn them," Dylan says in the new issue of Italian Vanity Fair. "And my dad said, 'OK, you reached the limit. You better not go any further.' I learned my lesson."

She also said, "[T]o be honest, if I could go back, I would not have taken that much clothing off. I was a little naive."

Being the daughter of Hollywood icons certainly has its perks, "When I was 8, we went for two months to Port Douglas in Queensland, Australia, where my father was shooting a movie [Terrence Malik's The Thin Red Line]," Dylan said. "Kids my age never left California and here I was, going to school with Aboriginal kids in a dream-like location. Unforgettable."

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When asked about memorable moments meeting other celebs, Dylan said, "When I was 14, in Cuba, I met Fidel Castro with my dad, and it was really impressive. And, well, on a totally different level, when I met Justin Timberlake for the first time!"

And then there's that mega-star she's been linked to—Robert Pattinson.

Sources told E! News that the two were romantically involved last November, but Dylan insisted to Vanity Fair, "We're just friends. They photographed us in a place where there were other people and cropped the picture. Silly. I laughed about it."

Up next for Dylan is an appearance in a Vogue fashion spread and her big screen acting debut in Condemned, a horror movie set for release next year.

She also said she never intended to go into acting, but she decided to take the chance because she's friends with the director of Condemned. "I never thought about it," Dylan said. "I like to write and I would love to be a screenwriter one day and a director."

Dylan is still writing. "I've been writing my whole life and I try to write a little bit every day, but I don't think I'm ready to have people read what I write," she said. "I still need to work a lot on it."