Is Kylie Jenner the New Kim Kardashian? See Her New Look!

Kylie is looking more and more like her big sis these days

By Lindsey Sirera Aug 27, 2014 5:17 PMTags
Kylie Jenner, ExtensionsLilly Lawrence/Getty Images

Goodbye blue, hello new!

Kylie Jenner was rocking cerulean locks for a while there, but now she's fully embraced her naturally all-black tresses, with a little help from some hair extensions.

The 17-year-old shaved the back of her head for her birthday earlier this month. So, she's gone blue and then she got a birthday buzz, so it would make sense that the next move would be extensions.

Kylie posted a pic of her new pin-straight, very long locks on Instagram with the caption, "pacsunn whaaaaart@joycebonelli long hair don't care," referencing celebrity makeup artist Joyce Bonelli.


In the photo, Kylie is not only rocking Rapunzel-length hair but some very pouty, perfectly plumped lips. And we can't help but think of her famous older sis Kim Kardashian.

Long black tresses, heavy lip liner, flawless skin, classic duck face—these are all pretty good signs that Kylie is morphing into Kim, at least for now.

You know the saying: hair today, gone tomorrow; we have a feeling Kylie will find a new fresh way to mix up her look again very soon.

What do you think of Kylie's new lengthy locks?

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