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Got Comic-Con FOMO? We're here for you.

We know, we know: your entire timeline is geeking out over the nerdvana that is SDCC. That's why we're separating the tweet from the chaff: Here are the 16(-ish) Twitter accounts you need to be following for the best vicarious Comic-Con experience!

1: @Marvel: With Guardians of the Galaxy hitting theaters just after Comic-Con and a much-anticipated possible Avengers announcement during their panel on Saturday, this is the account to follow! Bonus points for the all-access behind the scenes look at their SDCC booth.

2: @AgentM: Speaking of Marvel, Ryan Penagos is the Executive Editorial Director at the comic powerhouse, aka the best source of sneak peeks at what Marvel has to offer at this year's con.

3: @WBpictures: If you think Warner Brothers won't have something major up their sleeves after they dropped the Batman vs. Superman bombshell at last year's Comic-Con, you got another thing coming. We have a feeling this account will be blowing up soon!

4: @WWWBigBaldHead: Otherwise known as The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus. While the entire cast is follow-worthy, this stone cold weirdo gets our pick for his perfect storm of fan photos, behind-the-scenes shots of the set, and his creative swearing. 

5: @TheOrlandoJones: Lovingly referred to as Trollando, Sleepy Hollow's Orlando Jones is probably the most social media savvy star out there. You'll want to follow him on Tumblr and Facebook too. Trust us.

6: @JossWhedon: While he doesn't tweet often (we'll cut him some slack considering he's basically all of our fave actors' boss), when the geek god tweets it is solid gold. Considering the fact that we're hoping for some big Avengers news at the Marvel panel, our fingers are crossed for more Whedony goodness in our TL during Comic-Con.

7: @Nerdist: If Comic Con were prom, Chris Hardwick would be king. We're 90 percent sure the @Midnight host has a Time-Turner because this guy is EVERYWHERE at Comic-Con. Moderating panels, cosplaying as the Doctor...what is this guy NOT doing this weekend?

8: @Wilw: Wil Wheaton is practically Comic-Con royalty. He's got old school street cred, having starred in Star Trek: The Next Generation as Wesley Crusher, and now he's the host of The Wil Wheaton Project on SyFy. Like his show, his geek tweets are always on point—especially at SDCC. 

9: @FeliciaDay: Felicia Day is the Hermione to Hardwick & Wheaton's Harry & Ron. The star of The Guild and founder of Geek & Sundry, this geek icon offers a hilarious look at Comic-Con (and everything else in life--seriously, you should really be following her).

10. @GeekAndSundry: Geek & Sundry is what happens when a bunch of creative geeks take over YouTube with their own nerdtastic content. They've grown to become a cornerstone of the Comic-Con experience (look, this year they even have a balloon!).

11. @ZacharyLevi: Two words: NERD HQ. (Or is that three words? One word and two initials? Whatever.) The newly married Zachary Levi has created his own mini Comic-Con via The Nerd Machine, where celebs like the aforementioned Joss Whedon and more have Conversations For A Cause with a small, intimate crowd to benefit Operation: Smile!

12. @SD_Comic_Con: What's that? You want real-time update and news blasts fron Comic-Con? This unofficial SDCC blog is the go-to source of the latest news live from the convention. Star sightings, line updates, missed connections--this account has everything

13: @MishaCollins: If you're not already following Supernatural's Misha Collins on Twitter, you are not living your best life. The brains behind GISHWES has a habit of trolling celebs like William Shatner, sharing his phone number with fans, and being a general menace. What's not to love?!

14: @BonnieGrrl: Not that fake geek girls are even a thing, but if they were, Bonnie Burton would be the opposite of that trope. This geek girl is LEGIT. Formerly of Star Wars and now running her own show, you don't want to miss her tweets. 

15: @HallHLine: For those of you that don't know,  Hall H is the biggest of all the Comic-Con event rooms. It's a huge 7,500 seater, and people are known to camp outside for multiple days to get a seat inside. Hall H is the King Kong of SDCC, and it is totally deserving of this parody account dedicated to documenting the madness. Let the schadenfreude begin!

16. @KristinDSantos + @tbrick2 + @jtyboone + @nicolemojan: The @eonline team! We're tweeting live from Comic Con all this week as we cover the best parts of SDCC—be our plus 1!

BONUS: you don't think we actually forgot to include the OG of Comic-Con himself: @TheRealStanLee! Although, let's be honest, if you're reading this, you're probably already following Stan Lee. If not, what the frak are you doing? Fix this! Immediately!

Don't worry: We're making it easy with this handy Twitter List of our 16(-ish) must-follow SDCC tweeters. You're welcome! And this goes without saying, but be sure to follow @eonline for all the breaking news from Comic-Con! Tweet long and prosper, nerds.

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