If there was one thing Zoe Saldana could count on when she got home from shooting Guardians of the Galaxy, it was her husband and mom's loving gestures.

"They would have a bath just ready for me," the actress revealed to E! News while promoting her new movie out August 1. "I would just submerge myself in a very hot bath and that tub was just absolutely green."

Green, you say?

In the summer movie, Saldana plays comic book character Gamora, who just so happens to be green from head to toe.

Marco Perego, Zoe Saldana

Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Variety

"We had a very good makeup removal process that lasted about an hour and 15 minutes," she said. "We would take a lot off. I just hated going to bed with all those chemicals still on me even though I rubbed them off."

Another creature that couldn't avoid the green paint was Saldana's adorable puppy, Mugsy.  After following her on set every day, the four-legged friend was bound to get plenty of color on her fur.

"She's on my lap as I'm getting all the makeup done and I would put a towel over her because she's salt and pepper," she said. "All the spray paint would be in the air and land on Mugs."

Instead of a hot bath, however, Saldana would make her dog go from bow to wow with a fun, cute look.

"We would paint all these little green Mohawks on her," she said. "My dog was green!"

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