Robert Pattinson Not Starring in Indiana Jones Reboot: 5 Other Actors Who'd Be Perfect for the Part!

From Scott Eastwood to Bradley Cooper, take a look at who we think could reprise Harrison Ford's role

By Rebecca Macatee Jun 04, 2014 6:26 PMTags
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Robert Pattison as Indiana Jones just seemed too good to be true...

So when one tabloid reported that R.Pattz was the top pick to replace Harrison Ford in a Disney reboot of the iconic franchise, E! News did some digging. Unfortunately, though, sources tell us there's there's no truth to the rumors. Womp womp.

It would've been fantastic to see the 27-year-old Brit transform into the all-American "non-superhero superhero," but fortunately, there are plenty of other broad-range actors we deem worthy of wearing the hat (sorry, Shia LaBeouf, you didn't make the cut). In any case, here are our top 5 choices for the next Indiana Jones.


1. Bradley Cooper: This isn't the first time we've suggested the Oscar nominee for the part! You know he's got the whole acting thing down, and he also he commits to his characters—mentally and physically! And let's not pretend you're not dying to see this man in tweed again.

2. Scott Eastwood: He strives to be "a man's man," but you can see the sensitivity in those bright blue eyes! Scott could easily make the archaeologist-to-action star switch onscreen, and should he need any advice, dad Clint Eastwood is just a phone call away!

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3. Liam Hemsworth: Yes, he's Australian, and yes, he's already got the Hunger Games franchise under his belt, but he'd make a great Indy! Big brother Chris Hemsworth got to take on Thor, so why shouldn't Liam tackle an icon, too?

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4. Jensen Ackles: If you've ever seen Supernatural, you know this Texas-born hunk can do it all. He's handsome, funny, hot-bodied and can go from fighting paranormal enemies to bro-ing out with Jared Padalecki in seconds.

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5. Charlie Hunnam: He's British, yes, but we already know he's got a great American accent. Plus, poor Charlie says it's heartbreaking not to be playing Christian in Fifty Shades of Grey. Who's to say he wouldn't dominate an entirely different (albeit more wholesome) franchise?!


—Reporting by Marc Malkin