Dean McDermott Steps Out as True Tori Drama Unfolds

Tori Spelling's hubby was spotted with his wedding ring running errands in Los Angeles

By Bruna Nessif Apr 24, 2014 2:37 AMTags
Dean McDermottChiva/

Hey there, Dean McDermott.

Tori Spelling's husband was spotted stepping out in Los Angeles earlier today to run a couple of errands. According to an eyewitness, the Chopped Canada host left the home he shares with the actress to make a stop at the bank. McDermott then went back home and ended up leaving again for a coffee run at Starbucks.

Along with the 47-year-old's casual outfit, the source tells us that although it's not visible in the photo, Dean was wearing his wedding ring.

His outing comes one day after the premiere of True Tori, a Lifetime docu-series that documents the couple in almost real-time as they navigate the unknown road ahead, beginning when Dean leaves treatment.

In January, McDermott "voluntarily" checked into rehab to seek treatment for sex addiction after he cheated on Spelling with a 28-year-old woman he met in Toronto during promotions for his show.

His wife—left alone to care for their four children—visited him for the first time at the facility with cameras in tow. "I miss having my best friend," the Mystery Girls actress tearfully admitted during her drive. "I miss having that support, that person that's your go-to in life. And now it's just stripped from me. I had it for seven years and it was just gone one day. And I go on. I go on every single day as best I can."

At the meeting, McDermott's therapist said he was dealing with addiction, depression and "the fallout from his affair." Spelling acknowledged that some of the issues were years-old. "I s--t on our life," McDermott said, noting that he's dealing with alcoholism and other issues after "lying his whole life."

—Reporting by Michelle Falls