Joey McIntyre, Boston Marathon


Joey McIntyre is #BostonStrong.

The New Kids On The Block bandmember was among the 36,000 runners who completed the race on Monday—one year after two bombs went off at the finish line, killing three people and injuring an estimated 264 others.

According to an eyewitness, McIntyre looked strong and far from giving up as he ran up the famous Heartbreak Hill in Newton, where a few young women noticed him and shouted his name while giggling. Joey waved at the girls and he also gave out high fives to people who recognized him, the source said. There was lots of energy from the crowd; one woman was beating a drum, others were shaking cowbells, some were holding up signs of encouragement and everyone was either clapping or cheering. 

Like last year, the 41-year-old singer ran to raise money for his mother, who is living with Alzheimer's disease. Prior to the race, he took to his Tumblr page to share his feelings of anticipation while also expressing his immense gratitude for the experience.

Joey McIntyre, Boston Marathon


"I had the most special day today in Boston. I sat on a bench on Comm Ave and watched the blossoms sway in the cool spring breeze," the post begins. "I road around the old neighborhood. Every little bit made my heart grow bigger. I realized today that coming home isn't necessarily relaxing- I'm instantly filled with many emotions- it's like I'm reborn every time I'm here," he wrote. "In the sense that I'm shocked to life. Again my heart starts beating. It's on an animalistic level. And it just got weird :) but it at a deep natural level.

"And now that I have kids, I am hit by all these moments I had with my dad, driving through all the neighborhoods. I can't wait to bore my kids to death showing them all the places that mean something to me," he continued. "Put all that on top of running tomorrow in the Boston Marathon- THIS Boston Marathon- and it's what might be considered 'too much.' But my heart keeps growing for this town. It's such a privilege to be a part of this town. This race. This comeback. This home. Thank for helping me get here."

McIntyre also posted a selfie at the starting line and followed up with an enthusiastic tweet while congratulating pal Danny Wood after the pair completed completed the physically exhausting race.

"3:48:11 baby!!! #BostonMarathon. Couldn't have done it without you guys!! Big congrats 4 an amazing 3:50 by my man @dannywood! #celebrate," he wrote before sharing an Instagram shot at the finish line. "I'm gonna celebrate this one!!! 3:48:11 - thank u guys!!!," he captioned the pic.

McIntyre and Wood weren't the only famous faces who were at the Boston Marathon today. Today show host Natalie Morales and Olympic champion Summer Sanders also completed the race. Additionally, newly engaged Donnie Wahlberg cheered on his fellow NKOTB bandmates at the finish line, as well as Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady, who were spotted cheering on runners on Boylston Street.

A number of stars also showed their support for those in Boston via social media, including Ellen DeGeneres and Mark Wahlberg.

Gisele Bundchen, Instagram


Barack Obama "Congratulations to all the Boston Marathon runners. #BostomStrong"

Gisele Bündchen: "Good morning! Good luck to all the marathon runners! #BostonMarathon @Bestrong #GoNancy"

Ellen DeGeneres: "Wish I could be there cheering the runners. If you're there & you're reading this, will you yell, "Ellen says woo!"? Thanks. #BostonMarathon"

Mark Wahlberg: "#BostonStrong you will always be my home and the greatest city in the world. #loveboston."

Donnie Wahlberg: "Got to see @DannyWood, @joeymcintyre & @JWahlly all come across the finish line! Along with thousands of other amazing people! So #Proud!" he wrote before adding, "6pm and the crowds are still here. Cheering as if the race just started. People still running! What an awesome day! #BostonStrong #Proud."

Katie Couric "Thinking about all of the #BostonMaraton runners this #MarathonMonday - wishing luck to all! #BostonStrong."

Sarah Michelle Gellar "Congrats to #MebKeflezighi and everyone who ran the #BostonMarathon today. #BostonStrong"

Bethenny Frankel "The #BostonMarathon means so much to all of us this year. We are in your corner! #BostonStrong"

Seth Meyers "Happy #bostonmarathon, Happy #patriotsday, Happy #Ambaseball!"

Nick Lachey "Good luck today in the #BostonMarathon @SummerSanders & @NMoralesNBC!!!

—Additional reporting by Michelle Falls

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