Cher, Nipple


No need to turn back time, because at 67 years young, Cher is looking hotter than ever!

You better believe, too, that she's going to show off that hot body, which she did on a whole new level thanks to some heart-shaped nipple pasties (!).

Cher's sexiest new accessories made their debut onstage Thursday night at Boston's TD Garden. At first glance, it appeared that the pop icon is naked (aside from those pasties and some silver fringe strategically woven together), but upon closer look, it's clear she was wearing a nude bodysuit underneath it all.

Aside from this thin layer of spandex, though, Cher's fit figure (which seems to have defied the laws of gravity) was proudly put forth before her elated audience. Those pretty pasties weren''t hoisting anything up, either, but merely performing their preventive task of keeping the wardrobe malfunctions at bay.

But while Cher is cool being next-to-naked à la Miley Cyrus, don't expect her to start twerking like her, too. "I mean, I could if I wanted to. But, you know, if it looks like that I don't think I'm interested," she told E! News following a slight dig at Miley's infamous 2013 VMA performance. "I've seen other girls do it better."

Cher went on to call the Queen of Twerk herself a "brilliant" performer and apologized to her "fellow artist" for tweeting out of turn.

It's all about the love, y'all!

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