Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones

Michael Douglas and his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones

Looks like things between Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are just fine.

Despite announcing their separation in August, the Hollywood celebs have maintained a very close relationship through the months, and E! News has learned that the twosome enjoyed a very nice evening together in New York City last week.

An eyewitness tells us that Douglas and CZJ dined at NYY Steak in Manhattan together last Tuesday for a private business meeting and didn't shy away from showing off a little PDA by holding hands.

"Michael introduced Catherine to his guests as his wife," an onlooker tells E! News. "They were very sweet and very kind to the staff and they were definitely having a good time together."

The eyewitness, who also believes they were each wearing their wedding rings, says the duo weren't overly affectionate besides the hand holding and they came through the side door into the private dining vault room downstairs.

The couple spent the three hours at dinner feasting on a seafood platter, dry-aged steaks and sipping on some wine.

The 69-year-old actor has spoken out on his marital situation numerous times, telling fans that he and Zeta-Jones, 44, aren't giving up so easily.

"I hope to resolve my marriage in a positive fashion," Douglas said in December's GQ. On The Tonight Show With Jay Leno on Oct. 21, Douglas also said. "Sometimes people take a little bit of a break, but it doesn't necessarily mean that's the end. I'm very hopeful."

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