Olympic Ring Malfunction, Snowflake, Sochi Opening Ceremony


Well, based on what we've heard about the bathrooms, it was bound to happen.

The 2014 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony is well underway in Sochi, Russia, but the spectacle has already suffered its first gaffe.

Namely, a snowflake malfunction.

While five snowflakes were supposed to expand into the iconic Olympic rings, one snowflake seemingly didn't want to burst, leaving four large rings and one snowflake suspended in the air at Fisht Stadium.

Olympics, Opening Ceremony
Olympic Ring Malfunction, Snowflake, Sochi Opening Ceremony, Instagram


This is what the rings were supposed to look like, had the stunt been executed properly.

Dare we say this means London takes the lead in the opening ceremony race (if it was a competition?).

But the snowflake snafu certainly isn't the only headline-making moment to come out of Russia since the winter games begun.

In addition to Russia's anti-gay laws, (which has resulted in continued violence against the LGBT community) journalists have taken to Twitter to share how their hotels have no water, no lobby and no heating or Internet.

#SochiProblems, indeed.

Be sure to tune in to our coverage from Sochi on E! beginning today, and watch the opening ceremony tonight at 7:30 p.m. on NBC!

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