Julianne Moore, Redbook

Getty Images courtesy of Redbook

Sure, we'd all love to stumble upon the fountain of youth. But finding out Julianne Moore's beauty regime is pretty much the next best thing.

The 53-year-old actress sat down with Redbook for a special beauty Q&A in their March issue to talk all things beauty. We know Julianne is already working with some pretty fabulous genes, but it's nice to know what products she swears by: Kerastase Elixir Ultime shampoo/conditioner, L'Oréal Age Perfect Glow Renewal Day Lotion and Kiehl's Musk Perfume.

Julianne also opened up about what it feels like to see an unflattering paparazzi picture of herself. "I want people to look natural and normal, and I'm all for showing that, but I don't like when magazines show pictures of someone looking terrible," she says. "We all have our moments when we look awful. My gosh!"


And if you've ever noticed that sometimes Julianne graces a magazine cover with freckles and sometimes they are mysteriously missing, she explains why. "Sometimes a magazine wants to see my actual skin, and other times they'll airbrush [the freckles] out. I don't care either way," she says. "Once my daughter saw me on a cover where I had no freckles and said, 'That doesn't look like you at all!' And then—just like a kid—'I like you better without them.' Thanks!"

Jennifer Nettles, Redbook

Redbook by Matt Jones

For the record, we like Julianne either way.

And as if we needed any more reasons to love the ageless actress, she also admitted that she feels a kinship with fellow redheads. "Whenever I see one on the street, I nod or say hello. I feel like there's a redhead collective—you notice each other."

So if you're a redhead, keep an eye out for Julianne when you're out and about on the street! For even more on Julianne pick up the March issue of Redbook featuring Jennifer Nettles on the cover. 

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