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Spoiler alert! We're about to dig into the biggest, most jaw-dropping moments from Monday night's TV. If you haven't yet watched a particular show, and don't want to be spoiled, skip to the next!

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The S.H.I.E.L.D. team's hunt to discover more about Quinn led them to a high-stakes ride train in tonight's episode and they were headed straight for doom! After a series of mishaps, high-tech bombs and assassins, the only person who got to the train's final destination was Skye. There she discovered that Quinn was gifting Mike Peterson with a new robotic leg—thus further confirming that Mike is well on his road to becoming Deathlok. Dun dun duuuun!

In a shocking twist, just as Skye was turning to leave, Quinn shot her twice in the stomach! Peterson/Deathlok then kills a roomful of the mercenaries in Quinn's mansion for having led S.H.I.E.L.D. right to them. Luckily the team arrived, placed Skye in some magical tube, body-curing thing and it looked like our girl is going to be a-okay, but sheesh that was a close one! And Stan Lee's highly anticipated cameo was far too brief but ultimately smile-worthy. We wish that they had asked him to be in an episode that was less action packed so that his part could have been a teeny tiny bit bigger. Oh well…

SupernaturalAlthough there were many things in tonight's Supernatural that made us thank our lucky stars (Helloooo, Sam's arms!) this episode ultimately ended on a somber tone. After defeating a Peruvian fat-sucker, this week's wacky monster that made us nostalgic for the early seasons of hunting, Sam sat Dean down and delivered a harsh truth: Sam does not think that Dean should've saved him. "Please, for once, just be honest. You didn't save me for me. You saved me for you ... You didn't want to be alone," Sam said.

Dean, then made the point that if their roles had been reversed and it was Dean who was about to sacrifice himself to the gates of hell, then Sam would've saved his brother. Right? Unfortunately Sam kept hurling those truth bombs, looked his brother right in the eye and revealed that if he had to choose between saving his brother and saving mankind, his brother would lose. Did our boys just break up?

The Originals: Welcome to New Orleans where anyone can die at any moment! That's right, vampire fans, our kickass TVD spinoff has killed off yet another one of the city's residents. To find out who died a very painful death (and who came back from the dead!) check out our Originals post mortem that's packed with scoop on what's ahead from creator Julie Plec!


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Ravenswood Tonight was the season finale! Let's dish: Hanna arrived in Ravenswood and even though her hair was completely different than it has been all season on PLL, we didn't let that distract us from the story. (Okay, fine maybe a little.) Caleb was finally honest with his lady love told her about Miranda's death, but very carefully left out the whole ‘I'm apart of a murderous ancient curse' thing. By the end of the hour, our blonde bombshell left Ravenswood pretty much unscathed but she and Caleb are considered to be in the "It's complicated" relationship status on Facebook.

The five discovered that it was actually Dillion who killed Luke and Olivia's dad and then framed the evidence on their mom. Douche move, dude. That's all right though because Dillion got what he was coming to him: he was run over by a train. Collins revealed that he has actually been looking out for The Five this entire time. He proved his loyalties by stopping Abaddon when he tried to bring Miranda back to life. (He needed all five to be alive so that he could kill them all!) In the last seconds, Collins smashed a jar and released a soul into the world. Who's soul you ask? Let's give a warm welcome, ladies and gents because Original Caleb is now back in town, and he looks mighty excited to see Miranda. 

The Biggest Loser We know that you must be dying to discover who won this seaon of the NBC life-changing reality competition. Go on, click here to find out which contestant won the top prize!


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Pretty Little Liars: Better watch out, Ezra—Spencer is hot on your trail! While Emily was off gathering $5,000 that was hidden in a poster inside of Ali's room (She was playing errand girl for Shana, who was playing errand girl for Ali) Spencer devoted all of her pill-infused energy into putting together the pieces that links Ezra to Board Shorts to A. Sure she may have looked a little Radley Sanitarium-worthy crazy for the majority of the episode, but Spencer's theories were so strong, even Emily and Hanna began to believe her.

As for Aria? Oh no worries, she was just off spending a cozy weekend with Ezra in their little love cabin from hell. Bonus Goodies: We finally got to see what was hidden underneath Ezra's trap door in the cabin—It's his new super high-tech A lair. Speaking of lairs, Spencer discovered Ezra's old Ravenswood hideout is now up for rent on Craiglist. Hmm… how convenient. By the end of the episode, Shauna was knocked out by A, (or one of A's minions) and was so extraordinarily freaked out that she fled town without giving Ali her money. Poor Ali, let's hope your good looks can get you some cash and quick…

Line of the Night: "My head feels like it's full of hot Ice cubes." Leave it to Hanna to find the perfect way to describe what it felt like when we discovered that Ezra is A. 

.gif of the Night:

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Oh Seth Cohen, we would like to pretend spray you with water all night....

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