The Biggest Loser Finale: Find Out Who Won Season 15!

Find out if Bobby Salem, David Brown or Rachel Fredrickson won the NBC reality competition.

By Leanne Aguilera Feb 05, 2014 4:17 AMTags
The Biggest Loser FinaleJustin Lubin/NBC

Spoiler Alert: Do not read the following article if you don't want to know who won The Biggest Loser's 15th season! No complaints about spoilers in the comments, mmmkay?

After months of intense workouts, healthier diets and jaw-dropping transformations, it's time to name the newest winner of The Biggest Loser. On Tuesday night, the hit NBC reality competition reached the end of its workout and only one contestant took home the coveted $250,000 grand prize. With just three finalists left—Bobby Salem, David Brown and Rachel Fredrickson—the stakes were incredible high.

In addition to crowning a victor, the season 15 finale also featured former contestant Ruben Studdard performing his new single Meant to Be, accompanied by acclaimed pianist David Foster. Studdard may not have won the competition this year, but he sure sounded amazing and looked mighty handsome crooning his new hit.

So who won the title of the biggest loser? Say congratulations to…

Rachel Fredrickson!

The Los Angeles native began her journey on The Biggest Loser back in October weighing 260 pounds. In the past four months Rachel's determination and positivity fueled her quest for a healthier lifestyle and the $250,000 grand prize.

At the end of tonight's finale weigh-in, Rachel stunned audiences with her final weight at 105, a dramatic change of 155 pounds and 59.62%. Standing at only 5'4", according to Weight Watchers, the healthy weight range for a woman of that height it between 117-146 pounds.

Although we're thrilled that Rachel's hard work has earned her the crown of Biggest Loser's 15th season, we think she now deserves a little bit of time to sit back, relax and maybe enjoy a bowl of ice cream or two.