Joe Nameth, Twitter


Joe Namath, you better work.

The hall of fame quarterback had the honor of being the official coin-tosser of the 2014 Super Bowl, and he arrived in true Namath style: wearing a fabulous fur coat. Obviously he was dressing in anticipation of the cold weather, but it turns out that the weather at MetLife stadium in New Jersey isn't as cold as people feared.

Still, if you commit to a fur coat (especially if you are known for wearing them like Joe is), you better wear that thing like a boss. 

Who wore it best: Joe Namath or Macklemore in his "Thrift Shop" video? Discuss.


And speaking of Joe and his coin toss, the legendary NFL star got a bit too excited and threw the coin in the air way too early. The refs hadn't even asked if Seattle was calling heads or tails. You had one job, Joe! But if anyone can strut onto the field wearing a fur coat and throwing the coin early like he just doesn't give a flying you-know-what, it's Joe Namath.

Did you think that Joe Namath's fur coat didn't have a twitter account already? Well, you were dead wrong.

Meanwhile, Brett Farve looks like this. That beard is so bushy it can be used to make another Namath fur coat. And so is the circle of fuzz.

Brett Farve, Twitter


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