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Because sometimes people don't think things through, the 2014 Super Bowl is scheduled to be played in New Jersey. In February. At an outdoor stadium. Yeah.

Well, obviously winter brings lots of snow and super-crazy low temperatures, so the NFL has a backup plan in case the weather makes playing Super Bowl XLVIII at MetLife Stadium impossible. NFL officials revealed that the game could be played any time between Friday, Jan. 31, and Monday, Feb. 3.

And if that happens, you suddenly have a Sunday wide open for some new activities. So all those meals and dips you planned to cook and all those people you wanted to have over…that could all be for naught. Now you need a contingency plan in case the Super Bowl is moved and you have an entire day during that weekend to fill. 

Let us offer up some suggestions and general tips for what you could do on that Sunday instead of watching the Super Bowl:

Kitten Bowl

Crown Media, Inc./Photographer: Monique Toro

1. You could watch the Puppy Bowl and/or the Kitten Bowl! Those were taped in advanced, so no snowstorm is going to keep those fluffy balls of fluffy fluff from rolling around and looking adorable. 

Eating GIF

2. You know all those snacks, sides and dips you were ready to cook to feed to the masses? Cook 'em anyway, eat them yourself. Eat until you hate yourself, and then eat one more platter of bacon wrapped chicken wings. Slip into a food coma. Try not to die.

Game of Thrones Dragon GIF

3. Read the Bible. When you realize there aren't any dragons in the stories, read Game of Thrones instead. Same thing. Basically.

Sherlock GIF

4. If your team isn't in the Super Bowl, you can spend this day obsessively going over each game they played in the regular season. You can figure out what went wrong, like a sports detective! If you figure out the problem, start tweeting at your team's Twitter account nonstop for six hours about all the things you discovered.

Troll GIF

5. Go on the Internet and try and get as many "FIRST!" comments in as possible. If you aren't first, start fights in the comments section of every website you visit. Troll on, troller.

No Pants GIF

6. Do not, for any reason, put on pants after waking up. Pants-free is the way to be!

Writing GIF

7. Now is the time to start your Glee-Homeland-Two and Half Men fan fiction crossover. 

Frozen GIF

8. Perfect your American Idol audition for next season. You're singing "Let It Go" from Frozen, aren't you? So is everyone else. Unless you plan on singing it in all the different languages, then you'll be alright.

Jogging GIF

9. Exercise. Just kidding, don't do that! Weirdo.

10. Smoke some pot and then go drag racing in Miami.

And for your viewing pleasure, a new edition of Bad Lip Reading of the NFL, which makes us chuckle so heartily:

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