Parks and Recreation Cast Bids Farewell to Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe and We Cry With Them

Heartfelt messages from the citizens of Pawnee

By Chris Harnick Jan 31, 2014 4:40 PMTags
Parks and RecreationBen Cohen/NBC

Ann Perkins, you perfect sunflower, you will be missed on Parks and Rec. Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe's final Parks and Recreation episode aired on Thursday, Jan. 30, and there wasn't a dry eye in the house—or on Twitter.

The cast shared their feelings of gratitude on social media while Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) said goodbye to her beautiful, naïve, sophisticated, newborn baby friend, but it's not the end for these two.

"Nobody is ever really going to leave Pawnee—we'll never let them leave," Poehler told Entertaiment Weekly. "We just brought back a [small character] from season 1: 'We need that guy who played the thing…' Everybody still exists, all the time…Rob and Rashida are off doing big, great things, and I live a block away from Rashida, so she'll never escape me."

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Poehler praised the episode and said parts reminded her of Cheers and The Office.

"What I love so much about that episode is what I feel I'm most proud about with Parks: It's really funny and goofy, and then it's really sweet and earned, and we get to act in it like actors instead of weird joke machines," she told EW. "This episode is really satisfying and it's really sad, but really funny."

As if you didn't cry enough last night, please grab some tissues and read the messages from the cast below.

Rob Lowe: "Thanks for all the nice words on Chris and Ann's goodbye. It was literally my pleasure to have served in Pawnee. #ParksandRec"

Rashida Jones: "There is going to be a lot of crying (on and off screen) during tonight's Parks. Goodbyes are sad. But also funny!"

Jim O'Heir: "The @iamrashidajones and @RobLowe goodbye begins in two minutes on the East Coast. All new @parksandrecnbc on NBC!! #sosad #willbemissed"

Nick Offerman: "Adios to Chris Traeger and the Nurse. If I can quit either one of you without tears, I'll eat my goddamn hat. @iamrashidajones @RobLowe"

Ben Schwartz: "An enormous, heartfelt congratulations to the great @iamrashidajones and @RobLowe on an amazing #ParksandRec run. Pawnee already misses you."

Retta: "A not so #HappyParksAndRecDay. The Parks dept says goodbye to Anne, Chris and the Perkins-Traeger fetus.   ��������"