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Michigan just got a whole lot prettier.

It's the episode Parks and Recreation fans have been dreading for months: Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe's final episode on the NBC hit aired Thursday, Jan. 30, which the Pawnee gang officially saying goodbye to the parents-to-be. Warning, spoilers (and a whole lot of emotion) ahead!

We knew Ann (Jones) and Chris' (Lowe) sendoff was going to be a sucker punch right to our feels, but it turned out to be a relatively pleasant one, as "Ann and Chris" managed to live up to our high expectations and give each important relationship the two characters had on the show its time to shine. None more so than the beautiful friendship between Ann and Leslie (Amy Poehler), one of the best female friendships to ever grace the small screen.

So let's run down all of the moments that made us cry during the episode, including April's (Aubrey Plaza) goodbyes with both Ann and Chris, the gifts that were exchanged amongst the guys and Leslie's sendoff party for her best friend.

1. The flashback to the first time Leslie met her "best friend" Ann. "It's a pinky promise." Yes, 15 seconds in and the tears were already flowing. "That promise launched a friendship so grand it takes 103 scrapbooks to capture."

2. "Greatest day of my life," April said of Ann's last day. OK, this caused laughter-induced tears, but still, those count, too.

3. Chris' buddy boxes for each of the guys, which contained a memento of their friendships. For Ron (Nick Offerman), a bronzed hamburger (for their epic turkey vs. beef cook-off), 2008 audit spreadsheets for Ben (Adam Scott), and a bottle of the now-out-lawed Snake Juice for Tom (Aziz Ansari). Oh, and for Larry (Jim O'Heir), a photo of him officiating Ben and Leslie's wedding. Well, a photo where you can kind of see his head (aka it was perfect).

4. The party Leslie threw for Ann, which was a celebration of every holiday and major event combined, that way the BFFs wouldn't miss out on anything. She truly out-Knoped herself.

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5. Chris' dancing at said party. 'Cause who knows when we'll ever get to see that again?

6. Ann's (and Larry's) reaction to Ron's stern goodbye. ("I have enjoyed parts of our time together.") Doesn't Jones look so pretty when she cries? (Julia Stiles, she is not. Sorry, but not sorry.)

7. April and Chris' ridiculously perfect and fitting goodbye. "Also, I'm proud of you." He's basically the Coach Taylor to her Vince Howard and we love it. (Friday Night Lights reference, whattup?!)

8. "We'll always be great friends," Chris told the department's guys. Pinky promise, Chris?!

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9. While April spent the episode pretending she couldn't wait for Ann "the wench" to leave, their goodbye was one of the episode's most emotional. "I love him and I love you," Ann, Andy's former GF, told April, his wife. April's response? A mumbled, "I love you, too." Did you hear that? That was the sound of our hearts growing three sizes.

10. And this is when our tears really started flowing: the guys showed up at Chris' door with the perfect going away gift: an empty buddy box for him to fill with memories for his little buddy, with all of their initials burned in. Make room for our tears along with yours as the first memory stored in that box, Chris!

11. Ann telling April, "You totally changed me."

12. "You are literally the best friend that I will ever have," Chris told Ben, who simply responded, "You too, man." Who knew that when Scott and Lowe signed on to guest star on the show all those years ago that they would become one of TV's most beloved bromances and have such an impact on Parks and Rec (and our tear ducts)?

Parks and Rec

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13. Leslie's perfect sendoff to Chris:  "I thought there was no man on earth good enough for Ann Perkins, and I still think that, but if there is no one actually good enough for her, you are pretty damn close."

14. The crack in Leslie's voice as she told Ann, who is sitting in the car about to leave, that she packed sandwiches, let's call it the crack that broke the tears' back.

15. April and Ann's final "I love you" exchange.

16. Ron offering to cure Leslie's sadness with breakfast. (Waffles, of course.)

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What did you think of Jones  and Lowe's  goodbye episode? Sound off in the comments!

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