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Warning: We're about to run down the biggest TV moments from Thursday night. If you don't want to be spoiled on a particular show, skip to the next!

The Big Bang Theory: You know your show has made it when not one, but two Star Wars actors guest star as themselves. James Earl Jones (Darth Vader) andCarrie Fisher (Princess Leia) appeared on the CBS hit's Comic-Con-centric episode when, after failing to score tickets to the big nerdfest, Sheldon decided to start his own convention, one Jones was happy to be a part of, surprisingly enough. (And Jones and Parsons' comedic chemistry was so ridiculously charming and fun, so we're hoping Jones returns to make good on that trip to Tijuana!)

Our favorite moments from the episode? Jones' hilarious line, "The wife is in New York and I've got a Lion King residual check burning a hole in my pocket," and the fact that our four boys were going to dress up as the four different Hulks for the Con. Or maybe that Jones and Shelton ding dong ditched Fisher's house. We could go on. Seriously, best episode of the season award goes to this one, no? 

The Vampire Diaries: Deep breaths, TVD fans. Deep breaths. The CW hit followed up its epic 100th episode with arguably the season's best episode, which featured the return of Dark Damon, thanks to the latest Delena dilemma. You know, the whole Katherine taking over Elena's body thing, thanks to the Travelers' handy body jumping spell?

Well, posing as Elena, Katherine broke Damon's heart ("I'm sorry Damon, it's over. We're over."), leaving Enzo, his former torture body, to pick up the pieces. And we all know how a devastated Damon copes: Death. RIP Aaron! At  least we  think so, given that Enzo and Damon were bleeding the Whitmore ancestor dry.

But it wasn't all breakups and death as it really seems like this episode set up a Stefan-Caroline romance and we are totally endorsing this relationship. Look at the way he defended her to Tyler, who found out she slept with Klaus. Steroline FTW!

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Reign: "Mash" fans, this one was for you (Francis sat this one out, presumably enjoying his new freedom to the fullest). Not only did Mary learn more about Bash, meeting his secret cousin Isobel (who sadly died in childbirth), but he also revealed to his new fiancé his family's connection to the heretics.  

And it's easy to see how Mary could start falling for Bash when he's saying things like this gem: "I'm not Francis. My duty will never be to some country, some land, some throne. If I'm married to you, you'll be my family. I'll be in it for you, only you."

Parks and Recreation: Don't leave us, Ann and Chris! Yes, the NBC hit sitcom finally said goodbye to Rashida Jones andRob Lowes ridiculously adorable parents-to-be in the Jan. 30 outing, and it was a total cryfest. Seriously, we cried over 16 times. For a full rundown of the episode, check out our recapJust make sure you have tissues on standby. And waffles. Those too.

Line of the Night: "It's a bear dance!" Oh, you know, just Community's Garrett killin' it once again. 

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