Miley Cyrus, Jay Leno, Twit Pic


Miley Cyrus has found a guy to wear "jean on jean on jean" with!

The pop superstar, who recently expressed admiration for the matchy-matchiness of Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears back in the day, showed up at her Tonight Show taping Thursday wearing the exact same thing as host Jay Leno—jeans and a matching denim shirt! 

Which, as we all know, is Jay's casual outfit of choice, an ensemble he's taken lots of good-natured heat for over the years.

Jay's hair even took on a platinum-blond tone like Miley's, thanks to the camera flash.

"Jay Leno me tonight talk about #bangerztour," Miley tweeted along with a pic of their twin styles.

Of course, the 21-year-old's flash of bra and chain belt added a decidedly more feminine touch to her take on the classic yet oft-frowned-upon pairing.

Asked what his deal was with the all-over denim, Leno told Parade in 2012, "That comes from me telling the wardrobe guy, 'Run down to Banana Republic and get me 20 pairs of jeans and 40 shirts.' Then I'm done for the year."

True story. Other than a costume for a sketch, when was the last time you saw Jay in something other than his jeans and work shirt or a suit?

Miley, meanwhile, is a more recent adopter of the look, wearing a very flamboyant version of denim-on-denim for last night's MTV Acoustic special, which found the "We Can't Stop" singer in outfits including a studded-and-sequined, ripped-all-over, denim jacket and jeans.

We're presuming her show-time outfit tonight will be a little more...less ripped. Though we vote for her to keep the bitch-stole-my-look thing going for her appearance.

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