Kesha, Timber, Music Video


Kesha's ready for an old-fashioned hoedown, courtesy of Pitbull.

The rapper's new music video for his latest single, "Timber," premiered exclusively on his Facebook page and finds the 26-year-old "Tick-Tock" singer making a sexy guest appearance, stripping down to her Daisy Dukes and riding a mechanical bull in a Western saloon.

Ke$ha is featured on the catchy harmonica-flavored track, which she also performed with Pitbull for the first time live at Sunday night's 2013 American Music Awards.

In the clip, the hitmaker can't resist giving a subtle shoutout to all her Animals as she poses sexily against a pickup surrounded by farm critters like horses and roosters.

Intercut with hot shots of Ke$ha's thigh and black bikini are scenes of dancing girls in denim short shorts and Pitbull hanging out on the beach and taking a dip in the ocean with a gorgeous brunette dressed in white.

While working behind the bar, the "Die Young" singer also does a good job pouring some shots for some of the dancers (Jack Daniels, we presume).

"Timber" is a track released off of Pitbull's new EP, Meltdown, and has reached the Billboard Top 10.

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