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Dr. Mehmet Oz to the rescue (again and again)!

Just three months after the TV show doctor rushed to the aid of a woman who lost her foot in an NYC taxicab accident, Oz is back to his do-gooding ways!

Last Saturday, Oz and a Good Samaritan named Chris Simpson came across a two-car collision involving a woman stuck in her car in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

"We were two cars back when the car in front was making a left-hand turn," Oz said (via Philly.com). "It's a very dangerous intersection. A car crossing the intersection hit the car turning head-on. It was like a scene right out of a movie. I thought for sure there would be fatalities. Luckily, there were not."

Oz rushed to the woman's aid. "The door was stuck, so I pried it open," he said.

"I asked her if she was okay. She looked over at me and said, 'Oh, Dr. Oz.' It was surreal to have that happen, especially in that setting. I pulled her from the car because at that point, it was steaming and there was oil dripping. It eventually started rolling back down the hill there and collided with another car before rolling into a deep ravine."

Simpson shared a pic of him and Oz at the scene of the accident, writing, "First on scene to a multi-vehicle multi-injury accident doing patient care side by side with Dr. Oz."

In another Good Samaritan move, over the summer and around the same time he aided a tourist stuck by a cab in NYC, Oz came to the rescue of a fallen runner who was participating in a Utah marathon.

Dr. Oz, Ken Roosa


"While participating in the Usana 5k in Utah, one of my fellow runners fell next to me after completing the race," Oz wrote on Instagram with a pic of him and the fallen runner in the hospital. "Ken Roosa could not breath and frothy fluid was coming from his lungs, indicating pulmonary edema (drowning in your own secretions). After listening to his heart, we got oxygen on him and transferred 3 bags intravenously; he quickly stabilized at the hospital. Tentative diagnosis is heat stroke combined with a possible heart arrhythmia. I just saw him and he looks much better. Ken was lucky. I want you to all remember to stay cool in the heat. Just to be sure, I may jog with Ken for the foreseeable future!"

Talk about one good guy to have around in times of need!

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