Ciara Talks About Wedding Planning, Starting a Family and More—Watch the Video!

Singer opens up about tying the knot, planning for children and more

By Jennifer Chan Nov 06, 2013 10:37 PMTags
Watch: Ciara Shares Wedding & Baby Plans

It's safe to say that Ciara is abundantly happy about her recent engagement to Future—and for good reason!

The gorgeous singer has a tremendous career and a sizable diamond ring to celebrate, after all.

When we spotted the star on the red carpet at the People's Choice Awards nominations this week, we had to stop her and ask how she's feeling about tying the knot.

Not surprisingly, this beautiful bride-to-be couldn't contain her enthusiasm!

She tells E! News that she's actually already put a lot of thought already into her big day.

"I'm very very excited! [Just] like every girl…we think about making that dress and that moment, and being with your bridesmaids. I just can't wait to do everything, I'm like a little kid right now," she gushed.

Ciara also opened up about planning logistics with her betrothed, even down to the last detail.

"We talked about what we want to do. We want it to be very special. I know I don't want it to be like, burning hot. I want perfect weather! Like, right when the sun starts to get really warm or right when it ends," she explained.

As for other important elements of her upcoming wedding day, the trendsetter admitted to us that she hopes to turn heads all day long and can't wait to be the center of attention.

"I'm thinking I want a spotlight when I come down the aisle. I want it to be nice! It's the performer in me!" she said with a big smile.

Sounds like it's going to be the wedding of the century!