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Joshua Malina is a true Gladiator!

When choosing a costume for Halloween the actor decided to keep it in the Scandal family. The former West Wing star—who now plays attorney David Rosen on the ABC drama—showed up to Jimmy Kimmel Live in an authentic Olivia Pope ensemble, which included a white suit, Prada purse and the actual white hat his character once gifted to Kerry Washington's character on the show.

While Joshua did sport a bit of makeup (he went real heavy on the blue eye shadow), he joked that he "didn't do the full Julianne Hough," referring to the actress's recent use of black face.

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Two fans of the show already approve of the actor's take on the Capitol Hill fixer.

The star said before leaving his daughter gave him the "OK." Then, there is the show's costume designer Lyn Paolo who tweeted: "I am so proud of Josh, he wore the hat, the gloves with style."

No word yet on what mom-to-be Kerry thought of Josh's Halloween costume but considering he said she is very used to his on-set pranks, we're guessing she's probably going to love this stunt.

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