Batman, Captain America, Cat Rescue

Superman and Batman may spend the majority of their time on the big screen saving the world, but in real life they've been busy performing smaller acts of heroism—but heroics, nonetheless. And yes, we said in real life.

Take these two instances of real life superheroes from the past few days:

In Milton, W. Va., Batman and his sidekick, Captain America, saved a helpless cat from a house fire. That seemingly mismatched superhero team-up (one is Marvel, one's DC, for starters) was actually two grown men, John Buckland and Troy Marcum, dressed as superheroes.

Buckland runs "Heroes 4 Higher," an organization that supplies children's events with heroes "to bring a positive motivational message for the children that may help shape their future." It was at one of these outings that a costumed Buckland and Troy Marcum noticed smoke nearby.

Buckland, a former firefighter who also served in Iraq and was donning Batman's cowl at the time, and Marcum leapt into action: "He breaks out the window," Buckland told Charleston's ABC 8. "The smokes lets out and as I can start to see I reach down and grab something furry!"

Buckland then resuscitated the cat (the homeowners were out of town, so no one else was in danger). "The cat comes around," Buckland continued. "Takes a look at me, then hissed! I just wonder what the cat was thinking."

But Batman Buckland insists he's no hero: "I'm glad no one was inside."

Sounds like exactly the thing a superhero would say...

Wonder Woman, Superman


Across the country, Superman stepped in to save Wonder Woman from a "crazy lady" wielding a boot. The two were actually Hollywood Blvd. impersonators Christopher Dennis and Jennifer Wenger.

The super duo, who are so well known on the strip that they appeared in the costumed heroes documentary Confessions of a Superhero, were preparing for a segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live! when "a cowboy boot-wearing transient" allegedly attacked. 

"She got in my face and she flipped my lip, and then punched me in the face," Wonder Woman Wenger recalled to ABC 7. Cue Superman, who swooped (or, more likely stepped) in to save the day.

"I'm then reflecting all of her boot throws," Dennis explained. "She actually hit Wonder Woman again with a boot. I reflected it and it just kind of ricocheted off my arm and hit her in the face."

"She told me that both me and Superman would be dead by tomorrow," Wenger reveals, an unprompted threat they took seriously after panhandlers fatally stabbed on Hollywood Blvd. earlier this summer over a $1 photo donation.

Now, the twosome has not decided whether they will press charges or not (and if they do, claim they will push for "psychiatric help" over jail time), but both thank their superhero day jobs for helping them handle the situation.

"Thank you, Wonder Woman, for inspiring me to do the right thing and not hit that girl back," Wonder Wenger explains. "Because I was sitting there [thinking], 'What would Wonder Woman do?' She wouldn't hit the crazy lady."

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