Safe to say Jennifer Aniston is tired of addressing those pesky rumors that she and fiancé Justin Theroux have called off their wedding.

"Well, there was no wedding planned!" a slightly aggravated Aniston exclaimed during an appearance on CBS' The Talk while promoting her upcoming film We're The Millers.

"I hate when that happens!" host Sharon Osbourne, who is no stranger to breakup rumors, said, reaffirming Jen's frustrations with the endless false reports.

Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux

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Cue the future Mrs. Theroux firmly setting the record straight (again).

"Let me just say this about that. Do you realize that the majority of all of those tag rags are loaded with absolute false information?" she said, clearly irritated with the tabloids implying there's trouble in paradise simply because there's no wedding date.

"They like to create the stories, because it's not interesting, the story of we're really happy and in love and feel like we're married and eventually we're going to get married when we find the time," she clarified. "I don't think there's a rush."'

She continued, noting how her personal life is far less entertaining when it's not filled with scandal.

"It's a drag that they sort of have to paint this horrible negative picture and it's just to sell magazines," she explained. "And it's a bummer because it's not true."

But being the consummate professional that she is, Aniston has simply brushed off the rumors (as she's done many times before), and somehow, she still manages to make light of her much buzzed-about life in the public eye.

"I was supposed to have it [the wedding] in March I think," she joked. "I'd like to be a part of this plan!"

We Are The Millers, Jennifer Aniston

While Jen may be hesitant to open up about her personal life, the actress isn't holding back on the big screen, baring her bangin' bod for her role as a stripper in her upcoming film.

And despite working out an hour a day, six days a week, to get her body in tip-top shape, the blond beauty confessed she was still nervous for her scantily clad stripper scenes. 

"I did stupid things," she confessed when asked if she every tried to "protect" the parts she didn't want to show. "I layered my underwear, I had three thongs…three bras. I mean if something's gonna fly out at that point, three of 'em aren't gonna stop it," she laughed before adding,"It's not easy to get naked in front of other people that you don't want to get naked in front of, so I commend all you strippers!"

Gotta love her.

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