Jamie Chung

Jamie Chung has come a long way since she first got her big break on MTV's the Real World, snagging roles on everything from scripted shows like Once Upon a Time to feature films like Hangover Part II.

And just as the Korean cutie's career has evolved, so has her style! So, when we caught up with Chung taking in the latest fashions from BCBGMAXAZRIA at the label's resort 2014 preview—and looking oh-so-stylish in summer whites from the brand, we might add—we just had to get her to spill on her go-to fashion and beauty products.

Plus, she took the time to tell us her fave spots in Los Angeles and her native San Francisco.

Here's what she had to say:  

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What's your favorite fashion item of the moment?
Diamonds. Dead Serious. But, you know, everything's marked up a lot but I've been finding these kind of smaller, cool local designers. There's one in Beverly Hills that's called XIV Karats. I mean, I've been going crazy. If they had something online I would be on that all day.

OK, so aside from that, I was in Vancouver and I'm all about comfortable jersey dresses. And there's this line, it's called Oak & Fort and it's in Vancouver. And it's actually a local designer there, I've been there, I have to actually go back next week. They're super affordable, everything's under $100. You would not believe how soft this jersey material is.

What's in your makeup bag?
An eyelash curler. I'm all about the heated one, it's called Japonesque. It's heated because my eyelashes refuse to curl, so they need to be heated and then curled. And rouge. I also like a good color lipstick that you can use if you're in a rush. Not only does it brighten up your face, j but you can also dab it on your cheeks so it's really multipurpose. I'm really into Nars—I feel like they have amazing matte colors.

Do you have a favorite summer jam?
It was "Blurred Lines." It's kind of played out but I still love it! It's just happy and upbeat.

What's your go-to website for fashion inspiration?
I really love The Sartorialist only because [Scott Schuman's] on the streets and at all these amazing fashion shows. It's really telling in terms of what trend is next to peak. I feel like the ones attending these fashion shows are obviously the most adventurous in terms of their style. I kind of love seeing what he gets to see through his lens no matter what city he's in—and he's able to capture it in such a way. It's just beautiful. It really needs no words—just flip through the pages and feel like you're there.

What's your favorite app?
Being in Los Angeles and California, I'm all about this traffic app, it's called Waze.

Your go-to gadget?
I like the the Jawbone [wireless speaker], it's called Jambox. I have the travel size one; it gets bumpin' if you want an impromptu dance party.

What are some of your favorite restaurants?
In San Francisco I'm all about the mom-and-pop kind of places. Like there's a place called Turtle Tower in the Tenderloin, which is kind of sketchy—it's super sketchy, but it's the only place where you'll get authentic, amazing Vietnamese food. It's southern-style pho.

Los Angeles is a foodie's dream come true. I think, to be quite honest, it has the best sushi, the best Korean food. There's this Korean comedian, and I always forget his name, he opened up a chain of restaurants. There's one at Chapman Plaza, which is really fun. Just his banchan, like all the little side dishes, are really unique and the way they present it is pretty different.

I love Shabu Shabu in Little Tokyo—not the one in the shopping plaza but there's like an outdoor shopping plaza that's really cool. The list goes on: Giorgio Baldi, it's delicious Italian food; Totoraku, where you have to know the chef in order to get reservations.It's a little hole in the wall with Japanese style barbecue.

Do you have a favorite TV show?
Are you streaming anything on Netflix ? There's this new show called Orange is the New Black, and I actually know a couple people on the show but it's just so well done, and so funny, and really out there. And if anything it's really shocking. But it's really funny. And it's all about humanity, you know. So that's a great show…Game of Thrones, which I can't wait for it to come back. I do watch TV but it has to be really good in order to get my attention. House of Cards. Netflix is killing it. Talk about a real competitor for HBO, it's up there.

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