The Bachelorette, Juan Pablo

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OK, Desiree and Chris. We're happy for you. We've seen your ring. We've heard about your wedding plans. We shared in your blissful love. But now it's time to step aside and let the single ladies get their hands on the next Bachelor, Juan Pablo Galavis!

The new season of The Bachelor doesn't premiere for awhile, so let's take this time to get to know the 32-year-old Venezuelan hunk who will soon be taking over our small screens in an epic (or at the very least televised) quest for love.

1. He's a Former Pro Footballer: Galavis played football (or soccer, for you Yankees) at Roberts Wesleyan College before going professional in the Primera División Venezolana. He later joined Miami FC, but had to walk off the pitch for good when his daughter was born. And speaking of…

Juan Pablo Galavis


2. He's a Hot Dad: In case his good looks and accent didn't get you, Juan Pablo is a doting father to the adorable 4-year-old Camila. And if anyone wants to get to the Venezuelan, she'll have to win over his daughter first. "Juan Pablo would never pursue a serious relationship—much less ask for someone's hand in marriage—without his daughter being completely OK with it," a source told us.

3. He's Got the Stamp of Approval from Bachelorette Alums: Desiree told us recently that she thinks America will love Juan Pablo on The Bachelor. "They would love to see him as The Bachelor because I get that on my Twitter feed all the time," she laughed. Meanwhile, Ali Fedotowsky (who blogs for us about The Bachelor/ette), is so "on board" with ABC's choice. "I watch The Bachelor with a bunch of my girlfriends and all of them were screaming at the TV like, 'Juan Pablo has to be the next Bachelor!'" she said.

Juan Pablo


4. He's Got Abs for Days: We don't want to treat the Bachelor men like pieces of meat, but let's just say if we were, Juan Pablo would be prime rib. Or whatever cut of beef is best and has a six-pack that we could grate cheese on.

5. He's a Social Media Maven: Juan Pablo loves Twitter and Instagram, so if you need to know anything more about him (or you just want to look at shirtless pics of him), check out his Twitter account.

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